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Students may work part-time in North Cyprus, however it is advised to make sure that part-time jobs do not affect grades.

Considering that the North Cyprus' economy is highly influenced by tourism, most part-time jobs lie within the tourism sector such as hotels, restaurants and Casinos.

To secure part-time jobs most students do "walk-ins" meaning they personally walk into the hotels and restaurants and ask the management for a part-time job opportunity.

The summer period is the best time to secure a part-time because it is the pick period for hotels, motels, restaurants and casinos, however, its advised to apply for jobs earlier because of the high demand for part-time jobs on the island by students.

The remuneration for part-time ranges depending on where you work, some five-star hotels offer accommodation and food for their part-time students and pay at least $400 per month, whereas some restaurants pay as little as $300 per month. Keep in mind this amount is enough to survive for a month.

Top part-time jobs employers are:

  • Hotel and Casinos
  • Restaurants
  • Call-centres

"I am currently working as a Guest Relations Officer for Merit hotel. On a day-to-day basis I get to meet or work with people from everywhere." - Diyora Muattar from Uzbekistan

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Full-time work after Studies for students 

Securing full-time employment after finishing studies is a big challenge, especially when taking the language barrier into consideration. English is widely used in North Cyprus but in different companies, elderly people are reluctant to speak in a foreign language all the time. However, if a student manages to fully grasp the Turkish language over the course of his or her studies, it dramatically increases the chances of being able to secure a job after studies.

A lot of students have managed to secure jobs within North Cyprus after studies whereas some prefer to cross over to other neighboring countries such as Germany, the UK, Turkey or Estonia to either further their education or job opportunities.

Roc Apply will soon be posting different job opportunities on this page for students, graduates and others on this page, therefore, be on the lookout for updates. The jobs will be from Casinos, Restaurants, Agencies, and more. 

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