Rauf Denktas University

Number of students
1200€ - 1200€
Semester Tuition Fees
2800 Euro/ Semester €
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
January 31, October 31
Application Deadline
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

RDU provides the utmost importance and priority to employability and group action of its curriculums. Education for employability and specifically international employability could be a saying of RDU.

Curriculums are designed once taking the views of prospective employers, skilled bodies, and also the tutorial consultants. every program introduces students to the economies, cultures, values, and legal aspects of the target countries, so having graduated with competencies that modify them to use internationally.

Currently, RDU has nine bachelor's programs in its four colleges. The medium of instruction is English altogether programsaside from Turkish Law.Courses at RDU are in line with the Yankee system and additionally the eu Credit and Transfer System (ECTS).

English preceding Program offers intensive English courses for college students with low-level English, whereas students with comparatively higher English are offered arithmeticlaptop skills, and communication courses, additionally to their reduced English categories.


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Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate

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Tuition and Scholarships at Rauf Denktas University


International students will be awarded 50% scholarships.

 Limited number of outstanding students will be given scholarships up to 75% and 100%.

At Rauf Denktas University, incentive scholarships are given and students are offered jobs in the University. Students are also recruited as assistants.

Students from same family and with outstanding sports skills will be awarded 75% scholarships.

All the course materials are included in the fees for English Preparatory Program.

  Normal Fee 50%
Tuition Fee $6,000 $3,000
Registration Fee $100 $100
Social Activity Fee $140 $140
%5 VAT $310 $160
Health Insurance Fee $60 $60
Total per semester $3,305 $1,730


Tuition Fee 75% 100%
Registration Fee $1,500 $0
Social Activity Fee $100 $100
%5 VAT $140 $140
Health Insurance Fee $85 $10
Total per semester $60 $60
  $943 $155

Scholarships        50%      75%     100% 

The students who are offered scholarships have to pay the following to get acceptance from the Registrar's Office:

To be payed      $1,720     $943      $155

After paying the fees, you have to email us the transaction receipt so that an acceptance letter is issued for the visa application (for international students). Please use the following bank account details:


Cost of living at Rauf Denktas University

1280 Euro/ 10 months
150 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Rauf Denktas University

The mission of RDU is to offer amazing instructing and learning receptive to advertising needs, accomplish extraordinary research, and give great network administration.

The statement of purpose is an essential guide in the majority of the exercises of RDU and it helps in settling on choices and settling on decisions among options.

In satisfying its main goal RDU concedes great understudies and enrolls showing staff with high research limit and give present day quality offices and gear.

It coordinates with the main colleges in Turkey and the district which has long involvement and quality in showing law, universal relations, and engineering.

Why Study at Rauf Denktas University

Internationally Accredited

Highly regarded and internationally accredited, the university certification is world class, hence chances of internship recognition and employment after successful graduation are high.

Modern Infrastructure

Modern style and design campus with 21st century infrastructure and facilities. (Pioneers in use of block chain technology to make payments as well as introducing this phenomenon as a study program.)

International Study Environment

a largely diversified, friendly and united racial environment (students from over 70 countries), hence new students can easily assimilate and feel at home.

Competent Stuff

Competent and dedicated Academic staff, which is highly skilled, experienced and capable to meet the 21st century students’ academic needs.


On Campus Accomodation at Rauf Denktas University

The university offers well-furnished, neat and tidy Studio flats with specifications as following:

  • 2x Anti-bacterial orthopedic bed, 2x wardrobe.
  • 2x night stand.
  • 1x fridge.
  • 1x cooking unit.
  • 1x sink.
  • 1x WC/Shower.
  • 1x Air Conditioning unit.
  • 1x LCD Television.
  • 1x Wi-Fi/ Ethernet connection.\
  • 1x kettle.
  • 2x Chairs
  • 1x Coffee table.

The Residence fee for 10 months is 1100 Euro + 180 Euro deposit fee.

Off Campus Accomodation at Rauf Denktas University

Sports at Rauf Denktas University

The RDU residency with its multi-social condition furnishes understudies with the chance to extend their attention to different societies. The quarters are likewise in nearness to different administrations, e.g. shopping, medicinal services, social and sports offices.


Food at Rauf Denktas University

Flask and cafeteria offer quality providing food benefits in a clean setting. Every one of the items and administrations gave are at cheap costs, and consumer loyalty is a need.



about Lefkosia/Nicosia

The oldest and yet biggest city in Cyprus, its home to about 100 000 people of which a substantial percentage of them are students both local and international. Lefkosa is culturally rich and full of life. It hosts a number of art and music festivals on a regular basis.

Sports arenas or facilities are easily accessible and it's frequent that students get together and play team sports. The city also has the country´s biggest flea market where people can buy traditional food, clothes, accessories, art, and more at very affordable prices. The market is situated on the border between North and South Cyprus.

The city is pretty much resourceful with money exchange shops, designer shops, banks, hospitals, MoneyGram, western union, travel agents and more. The are plenty of traditional Greek restaurants in the city as well as Kebab places which usually charge around 2 euros for a Durum or Kebab. Nevertheless, you can also find high-class restaurants which are usually very busy during the summer.

The city also boasts of impressive cinemas of which one of them is newly built with 3D capabilities.

The cinemas usually charge less for students provided they bring their student cards. From the city of Nicosia, you can travel to anywhere around Cyprus since the transport network revolves around the city.

In terms of touristic activities, there are a number of ancient buildings which commands a respectable amount of history and interest. The city has multiple hotels, hostels and betting houses, casinos where tourists usually spend a substantial amount of their time.

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