Rauf Denktas University


Rauf Denktas University

Number of students
1130€ - 3065€
Semester Tuition Fees
2800 Euro/ Semester €
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
September 30, February 28
Application Deadline
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

RDU provides the utmost importance and priority to employability and group action of its curriculums. Education for employability and specifically international employability could be a saying of RDU.

Curriculums are designed once taking the views of prospective employers, skilled bodies, and also the tutorial consultants. every program introduces students to the economies, cultures, values, and legal aspects of the target countries, so having graduated with competencies that modify them to use internationally.

Currently, RDU has nine bachelor's programs in its four colleges. The medium of instruction is English altogether programsaside from Turkish Law.Courses at RDU are in line with the Yankee system and additionally the eu Credit and Transfer System (ECTS).

English preceding Program offers intensive English courses for college students with low-level English, whereas students with comparatively higher English are offered arithmeticlaptop skills, and communication courses, additionally to their reduced English categories.


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  • A-Level Certificate

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Application Requirements for Masters:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Licence
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Rauf Denktas University in Rankings

  • Top 10 universities in Northern Cyprus
  • Top 5 new universities in the Meditteranean region
  • Top 4 universities in for Law and Commerce in Northern Cyprus

Tuition and Scholarships at Rauf Denktas University

The tuition cost at RDU for any of the courses offered is $8,000 per one academic year which excludes other semester expenses such as medical insurance fees, social activity fees, registration fees, and a VAT of 5% on payments which amounts to $900 in total.

Tuition at the university is reviewed annually by the university body, however, students benefit from a well-packaged tuition fee plan as a part of the university community. Furthermore, students (local and international) have the option to split the fees and pay them on a semester-basis, and monthly and bi-monthly installment plans are also available for all students.

Scholarships Rauf Denktas University

At RDU, all international students receive 50% off of their tuition for their whole program duration, this is done to better grow the international presence in the university and to encourage global learning. With this scholarship, all foreign students now pay $4,000 in tuition fees and $700 in educational expenses, with a well-rounded payment plan that is flexible enough at all levels.

The university is committed to academic excellence and as such rewards exceptional students or high-achieving students in academics. Full tuition and 75% of tuition waivers are offered to students who show academic excellence from their previous studies or within one year of studying at RDU.

Likewise, students who demonstrate exceptional skills in sports and athletics stand a chance to receive a 75% tuition waiver for the length of their programs at RDU, in combining with the university’s efforts to promote themselves as a well-rounded institution of learning.

Students from the same family are also eligible to receive a sibling scholarship from the university to foster an environment that recognizes the family unit and sustainability through family legacy. Siblings and even cousins with the same last names benefit from the scholarship by receiving 75% off of their tuition fee for the full length of their programs.

International students can receive scholarships via the university's studentship and other employment avenues on campus such as student representatives, student assistantships, library and lab assistantships, etc. Those students who receive 100%, 75%, or 50% tuition fee waivers and scholarships now pay the amounts $500, $2,600, and $4,700 independently under the university’s terms and conditions.

Payment information and bank details would be communicated to applicants who have been accepted by the university, apply now and let’s secure you a place at the brilliant Rauf Denktaş University.

Cost of living at Rauf Denktas University

1280 Euro/ 10 month
150 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
University shuttle bus available

About Rauf Denktas University

Location: Nicosia/Lefkosa, Northern Cyprus Programs: 11 Faculty: 5
Established: 2017 Associate Programs: 2 Top 10 universities in Northern Cyprus
Acronym: RDU Schools: 3 (Applied and Vocational)
Top 5 new universities in the Meditteranean region
Tuition (avg.): €1,200 International Representation: 50% international student population
Top 4 universities in for Law and Commerce in Northern Cyprus
Scholarships. Available Student population: 1,500 students from 26 countries Academic Unit: 100 members

Rauf Denktaş University is a private university located in Lefkosa, Northern Cyprus, and was founded in 2017 as a model international university that juxtaposes the richness of history and the possibilities of modernization.

Named after the founding father and the first president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, RDU in just a few years is transforming into an educational hub for students from across the globe.

The mission of RDU is to provide excellent training that meets the needs of the public, to carry out scientific research meeting international standards, and to create a real relationship with its environment.

With an academic module that is heavily centered on the development and career prospects and internationalization, RDU prides ıtself with training world leaders that can adapt to the ever-growing world and its demands.

Quality programs are taught by leading professionals and academicians in their fields, achieving high academic and practical knowledge from top-tier universities and establishments from different parts of the world.

RDU lecturers are also very available and open to students albeit equipping them with all the skills and know-how to excel after they graduate. The curriculum offered at the university follows a well-designed, yet interpersonal approach towards learning and development.

Presently, 5 faculties offer over 11 bachelor programs and 2 associate degree programs in the vocational schools present in the university. A preparatory school for English and other foreign languages is also one of the mainstays of the institution for both local and international students who wish to improve their language knowledge.

The English language is the primary language of instruction for the majority of programs taught at RDU.

In keeping with all the necessary guidelines, programs offered at RDU are recognized and well-accredited local and international governing bodies for education, and a few more in counting.

The campus blends in the fascination of history with its magnificent architecture and the brilliance in technology with its modern and sophisticated facilities on campus. The university is fast-growing to become of the most sought about universities in the Mediterranean region.

Why Study at Rauf Denktas University

International Education

RDU offers quality education and important practical experience that better equips the next generation as solution providers and world-shapers in their respective careers. The university’s focus to ensure that its students contribute to society and the global community at large. The learning modules at RDU follow international guidelines and can be relevant anywhere in the world. Lastly, RDU students are taught to be fair and virtuously carry out their dealings with a mindset for success, the university community is raising socially aware minds who have the dynamic know-how to impact the future.

Top-Tier Teaching Staff

The university has an excellent array of top-tier educators, instructors, and academic professionals, who bring their wealth of knowledge to the classroom at RDU. Lecturers and staff at the university also adopt an open-door policy for students, which have proven effective for better student-teacher communication and a better understanding of the course. Students are at the focal point of the university’s strength as a student-led approach is adopted for all academic and social/developmental activities on campus.

Safe and Secure Environment

It is no secret that Cyprus and TRNC are extremely safe countries for all and foreigners can move around easily. The island is a tourist haven and one of the most fascinating historical places in Europe and Asia. The beautiful island plays hosts to millions of visitors every year and a large number of foreign students. In addition to the safety of the country, RDU’s campus environment is situated in the heart of the city, which stands as the safest and most cultural part of the capital city Lefkosa/Nicosia.

Evolving & Growing

As an institution that is devoted to the complete development of its students, RDU continues to expand and reach new frontiers every year since its inception. The university has several titles under its belts and is still aiming for more. The university strives to fulfill its short-term goals and actualize its long-term goals in ample time and RDU students are along for the journey. The novelty of the university makes it an exceptional platform for personal and collective growth and actualization, there is the opportunity to be a part of a striving community of high-achieving individuals from different walks of life.

Accommodation Rauf Denktas University

On Campus Accomodation at Rauf Denktas University

The university offers well furnished, clean, and tidy studios and dormitories for both local and international students within the city of Lefkosa. These dormitories are new and properly maintained by the university with categories such as single rooms or double rooms, with facilities such as wifi internet, orthopedic bed sets, night table, heating/cooling system, laundry and cleaning services.

The rooms all come furnished to modern tastes with fixtures such as cooking unit, refrigerator, wardrobe, oven, gas cooker, living area, and living pieces of furniture.

The residence fee for 10 months is €1,100 plus €180 for the initial deposit. We assist our students to secure choice accommodation with all the amenities and facilities they desire, in the course of your application and enrollment, accommodation services tailored to your needs would be preferred.

Off Campus Accomodation at Rauf Denktas University

Alternatively, students can choose to stay in private accommodation around the school campus or within the city. There are many houses on rent solely for students and at very affordable rates monthly or yearly. Students can also choose the accommodation type that suits them as there are single (1+1), two rooms (2+1), and even three rooms (3+1) housing categories.

Students also combine their resources and rent apartments while they evenly split all the bills and costs for the rental. The city is laden with several students so finding people to pitch with will not be any hassle at all.

Here at RocApply, we have different housing partners within Lefkosa that provide apartments and private dormitories for our students. These houses and dorms are far and wide yet well equipped and modern, tailored to different budgets and wants.

Our services speak for itself and our focus is only to prioritize our students.

Sports at Rauf Denktas University

The RDU student residence is built to function with multi-social conditions that offer students the possibility of expressing themselves through other creative and extracurricular avenues such as sports, social activities, and student clubs.

The sports and extracurriculars section of the university provides different sports facilities for sports games such as football, basketball, tennis, and volleyball.

Social development is also crucial to the university administration as are academics, and as such social events, clubs, and activities are organized to foster interaction and build lasting friendships among students. 

Food at Rauf Denktas University

The cafeterias on campus offer quality meals in a clean environment, they are also a great place to relax in between lectures or during class breaks. They serve tasty meals and delicious drinks all sold at a price that is cheaper than what obtains in the market.

The university puts its students front and center in all its dealings and with food, it is the same, healthy and kosher meals are also served to students and staff of the university. 

Transportation at Rauf Denktas University

The university offers free shuttle services between the city center and the campus on both weekdays and weekends. The shuttle service travels through various stops en route to the city center.

Furthermore, free bus service is available from the airport for all new students of the university arriving in Northern Cyprus. Rauf Denktaş University students and staff members can use the buses for free to travel around the city.

The University ring bus service follows four different routes between Nicosia/Lefkosa and the main campus from 7:00 in the morning up until 9 pm.


About Lefkosia/Nicosia

The oldest and yet biggest city in North Cyprus, its home to about 100 000 people of which a substantial percentage of them are students both local and international. Lefkosa is culturally rich and full of life. It hosts several art and music festivals regularly.

Sports arenas or facilities are easily accessible and it's frequent that students get together and play team sports. The city also has the country´s biggest flea market where people can buy traditional food, clothes, accessories, art, and more at very affordable prices. The market is situated on the border between North and South Cyprus.

The city is pretty much resourceful with money exchange shops, designer shops, banks, hospitals, MoneyGram, western union, travel agents, and more. The are plenty of traditional Turkish restaurants in the city as well as Kebab places which usually charge around €2 for a popular meal like “tavuk durum” or “kebab”.

Nevertheless, you can also find high-class restaurants which are usually very busy during the summer. The city also boasts of impressive cinemas of which one of them is newly built with 3D capabilities. The cinemas usually charge less for students provided they bring their student cards. From the city of Lefkosia, you can travel to anywhere around Cyprus since the transport network revolves around the city.

In terms of touristic activities, several ancient buildings command a respectable amount of history and interest. The city has multiple hotels, bars, pubs, and betting houses, casinos where tourists usually spend a substantial amount of their time.

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