University of Mediterranean Karpasia

Akdeniz Karpaz Üniversitesi

About University of Mediterranean Karpasia

The University of Mediterranean Karpasia was founded in 2012 as the sixth university in North Cyprus and is based in Nicosia the capital city of North Cyprus.

UMK has also managed to acquire Accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordination Council, and Turkish Higher Education Council of the Republic of Turkey (YÖK).All these have enabled UMK students to have the opportunities of doing semester abroad in other international universities globally.

The University of Mediterranean Karpasia has partnership agreements with a number of international institutions including B.H.M.S. Business & Hotel Management School - Switzerland, Superior University and College of Tourism & Hotel Management (COTHM).

The University of Mediterranean Karpasia has over 10 Associate degree programs ,7 Bachelor’s Degree Programs as well as 9 Master’s Degree Programs with more set to follow in the coming years.The instituion is also working on introducing PHD programs in the near future.

"With more than 2 000 students from 86 and 80 academics from 15 different countries, quality is a virtue at the University of Mediterranean Karpasia..."Randal Mansingo, International Relations

University of Mediterranean Karpasia Tuition Fees and Scholarships

All the international students in the university of Mediterranean Karpasia benefited from a 40 % tuition fee waiver per academic year. UMK also offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities to students who achieve excellent grades. Siblings, sports, and culture related tuition fee waivers are also available.

UMK offers a wide range of programs starting from associate bachelor degrees, Master and PHD programs.

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  • Bachelor

    2780 /Year
    • Duration: 4 Years
    • 6 Programs Available
    • Programs in English
    • Scholarships Available
  • Master

    1810 /Year
    • Duration: 2 Years
    • 8 Programs Available
    • Programs in English
    • Scholarships Available
  • PHD

    - /Year
    • Duration: 3 Years
    • - Programs Available
    • Programs in English
    • Scholarships Available

Why Study in the University of Mediterranean Karpasia

State-of-the art technology

Through its innovative scientific research projects, the University of Mediterranean Karpasia has managed to garner global interest from respectable research and development centers.

Cost Effective Tuition Fees

All international students at UMK receive scholarships that cover 50 % of their tuition fees.100% scholarships are also offered on merit to students with outstanding academic achievement.

Competent Lecturers

The university of Mediterranean Karpasia has more than 80 academics from 13 different countries who are offering quality education to its respectable students.

International Environment

The University has managed to assemble an international base of students as well as academics from all around the globe through accepting and adjusting education techniques to fit different cultural backgrounds.

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Accommodation in the University of Mediterranean Karpasia

Creating a brighter future, together

Accommodation in North Cyprus' University of Mediterranean Karpasia costs between 160 Euro and 280 Euro per month on-campus, however, students can find cheaper accommodation off campus.

On Campus: Studio

UMK's has on-campus dormitories which can accommodate a substantial number of its students.New students are given priority, however, it's important to reserve a room earlier.

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On Campus: Apartment

UMK offers fully furnished apartments with a lounge, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and a balcony.Students are allowed to cook and prepare their own meals or opt to eat in the canteen.

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Off Campus: Accomodation

Off-Campus accommodation prices and conditions vary depending on the what the student is specifically looking for.It is important to consult before paying for off-campus accommodation.

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Hotels & Hostels

The university is close to a number of 5-star hotels, and cheap hostels which is very convenient for the visiting student's family or friends nevertheless booking early is advised

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Student Life in the University of Mediterranean Karpasia

Restuarents, Sports, clubbing, bars,Cinemas, Concerts and Transportation.


University of Mediterranean Karpasia campus canteen offers different meals 3 times a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The dishes include but are not limited to meat, rice, pasta, potatoes and vegetarian meals.

Students are offered different options for the canteen meals, for example, a yearly fee for all meals or a pay per meal basis.

Within the university campus there are multiple restaurants where students can enjoy different dishes and also there is a huge supermarket.


UMK has an impressive sports infrastructure which includes but not limited to a swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court and running track.

The students use sports facilities for the gym but the city also provides various options for the students who stay off-campus. The sports facilities are open until the late hours of the night, giving students a chance to wind down after long days in class.

There are possibilities to join teams or simply form clubs and compete against other clubs or other universities around North Cyprus


The University of Mediterranean Karpasia students and staff members can use the buses for free to travel around the city.

The University bus travels through different routes around Nicosia stopping in all the bus stops to pick up students.The shuttle service starts from 7:00 in the morning to 00:15 midnight.

UMK Transportation Unit also collects new students from the airport or maritime ports and transport them directly to the UMK campus free and seamlessly.

"Not the biggest university in North Cyprus but very technologically advanced and well respected internationally considering.They treat students with respect and what I like the most is the fact that we have people from different cultural backgrounds." Ayaan Barwaaqo

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