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University Of Mediterranean Karpasia

Number of students
1750€ - 2500€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
February 12, October 15
Application Deadline
20 / 1
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

UMK offers a wide range of programs starting from associate bachelor degrees, Master and Ph.D. programs. The University of Mediterranean Karpasia has over 10 Associate degree programs, 7 Bachelor’s Degree Programs as well as 9 Master’s Degree Programs with more set to follow in the coming years.

The institution is also working on introducing Ph.D. programs in the near future.

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University Of Mediterranean Karpasia in Rankings

  • Ranked 21st in the Whole of Cyprus.
  • Ranked 10381st in the world.

Tuition and Scholarships at University Of Mediterranean Karpasia

The university stands as one excellent higher institution of learning that offers a quality education at a very affordable cost compared to many other institutions in the country and the Mediterranean region.

Tuition fees are paid every academic year or per semester relative to the students’ budgets, also postgraduate students pay tuition per each course during their program. New students must pay one full semester fee before they can receive their unconditional acceptance into the university.

The tuition average at UMK is between €1,750 to €2,200 for a semester (encluding other academic and registration fees), however, the university also has scholarship schemes and tuition waivers for its students.

All international students at UMK benefit from a 50% tuition fee waiver for the entire duration of their programs at the university. As an international center for learning, UMK is poised to create an inviting space for students from all over the world, with affordable tuition and a quality environment that raises the best minds for global success.

UMK also offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities to students who achieve excellent grades and a GPA total of at least 3.5/4.0 within their first two semesters at the university, in line with its continuous efforts in rewarding academic excellence at any levels.

Other avenues for funding at UMK include scholarships for siblings and relatives, scholarships for sports and athletes, scholarships for social and cultural influence and many others are provided by the university.

Apply to the University of Mediterranean Karpasia with us, and get the chance to study at one of North Cyprus’s most prestigious higher institutions.

Cost of living at University Of Mediterranean Karpasia

130 - 280 Euro / month
50 Euro / month
Cost of living
70 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About University Of Mediterranean Karpasia

Turkish: Akdeniz Karpaz Üniversitesi Tuition: €1,750 - €2,200 Associate programs: 10
Location: Lefkosa/Nicosia, Northern Cyprus Scholarships: Available Undergraduate programs: 7
Started in 2012 Faculty: 4 Postgraduate programs: 9
Category: Private-owned Schools. 2
International representation: Students from over 80 countries worldwide
Acronym: UMK Student population: 2,000
Academic Year: Fall Semester (September 15), Spring Semester (January 15)

The University of Mediterranean Karpasia was first established in 2012 as an international private university located in Nicosia the capital city of North Cyprus.

The university was founded on the principle of delivering quality education that world-standard knowledge that is relevant and timely.

Students at UMK study in an advanced environment with practical teaching modules that are unique and effective, infusing technology and modern development.

Students are also equipped with all the important skills to excel in their respective fields or career paths. The university’s goal is to ultimately have its students gain a well-rounded knowledge of academics, social skills, and entrepreneurship.

The university is also devoted to research and knowledge testing such that many of its research specialties are of global repute, increasing every academic year.

UMK is highly and has received all necessary local and international accreditations and certifications for all its programs, some of them include accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Turkish Higher Education Council of the Republic of Turkey (YÖK), and the Accreditation and Coordination Council.

UMK affiliations and partnerships have increased its position as an international institution creating many opportunities for its students both within and outside North Cyprus.

Exchange programs and Semester-Abroad programs are commonplace at the university owing to its global outlook and worldwide construct.

The University of Mediterranean Karpasia has partnership agreements with several international institutions including B.H.M.S Business & Hotel Management School – Switzerland, Superior University, and College of Tourism & Hotel Management (COTHM).

The University of Mediterranean Karpasia has more than 10 associate degree programs in two vocational schools, 7 undergraduate level programs in 4 faculties, and 9 postgraduate level programs in 1 graduate institute.

The university launched its second campus location in 2014 and has now recorded a multicultural student population of over 2,000 students from more than 80 countries worldwide.

Why Study at University Of Mediterranean Karpasia

International Degree

UMK offers internationally accepted reputable degree programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and a very high standard of education which is recognized anywhere in the world. The university has successfully grown an international crop of students and academic members, adjusting its educational techniques to suit a global demographic and a modern campus environment that fits different cultural backgrounds. English is the main medium of instruction and non-speakers pass through an English preparatory program before they begin their official classes.

Top-notch Academic Staff

The academic unit at UMK comprises well-trained academicians and professionals with enough experience to deliver high-level education to students at the university. Employees of UMK are very diverse and hail from over 13 countries globally having trained in some of the best universities around the world offering quality education to its respectable students. UMK instructors also use a more individualistic method of teaching with an open-door policy that allows them to be accessible to all students.

Affordable Education

Most notably is that UMK’s tuition fee is one of the most affordable in North Cyprus and many other countries in Europe. This is an advantage for its students as the standards they operate on is the same as what obtains at many other leading university worldwide. Also, all international students at UMK receive a 50% scholarship towards their tuition and it lasts for the whole period of their programs. Many other scholarship incentives and full tuition waivers are offered on merit to students with outstanding academic performances.

Top-tier education & facilities

UMK adopts a “learning for all” approach towards education, UMK students are prepared for the real world armed with academic, social, and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. Students learn by observation, living, examination, experimentation, and research giving them an added edge for whatever future endeavors they embark on. The university trains global professionals and even organizes special courses in the evening for working experts. UMK facilities are also state-of-the-art and well maintained and updated every academic year.

Accommodation University Of Mediterranean Karpasia

On Campus Accomodation at University Of Mediterranean Karpasia

The University of Mediterranean Karpasia has on-campus dormitories that can accommodate a great number of its students.

Both male and female students can opt to reside at one of the university’s housing facilities in Nicosia. Campus accommodation is often advised because of its convenience and the proximity to the main campus, but it can be a bit pricey.

Accommodation at UMK’s dorms costs between €160 and €280 on average for a month for a single room or double room installations.

New students are given priority, however, it is important to reserve your room early enough. 

UMK offers fully furnished apartment-style dorms with a lounge area, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and a relaxing balcony overlooking the city.

Students can ultimately prepare their meals or opt to eat at the school’s canteen or private restaurants around the area.

All rooms come with facilities such as central heating, air conditioning, wireless internet service, housekeeping, laundry rooms, and dry cleaning services, a refrigerator, a study chair/table, and many student necessities.

Off Campus Accomodation at University Of Mediterranean Karpasia

There are many private housing options around the city of Nicosia that offer cheap apartments for students, off-campus accommodation prices and conditions generally vary depending on the student’s specific needs.

We advise that you must consult with us before obtaining or paying for any off-campus accommodation, we can also help you find some of the choicest yet affordable homes with good deals in North Cyprus.

RocApply’s extensive experience in all matters concerning student accommodation sets us apart as an all-encompassing educational agency that is committed to our student’s desires.

Students can rent apartments or private lodgings for a cost between €100 to €250 for a month excluding utilities and added services.

The good part is that students can share an apartment with themselves and evenly split the expenses and save costs.

Sports at University Of Mediterranean Karpasia

UMK has an impressive sports infrastructure which includes but is not limited to a sports complex, a gym, a swimming pool, a basketball court, tennis court, and running tracks.

Students and staff have unlimited access to these facilities, however, the city also provides numerous options for athletic training and sports for students who live far away from the university campus.

The sports facilities on campus encourage students to participate in sports either in training capacities or to generally just keep fit and healthy.

They are open until the wee hours of the night and are a brilliant way for students and staff to wind down after long days in the classroom.

There is also the possibility of becoming part of the many sports clubs and teams that are active and compete both locally and internationally.

Food at University Of Mediterranean Karpasia

UMK’s campus canteen offers different meals three times a day which breakfast, lunch, and dinner served all-inclusive.

The dishes are healthy and rich and a blend of Mediterranean and Western-themed cuisines, cooked under very safe conditions and taste as appealing as they look.

Students are offered different options for the canteen meals, for example, a yearly fee for all meals or on a pay-per-meal basis.

Within the university campus, there are also multiple restaurants where students can enjoy different dishes and delights, they also serve as relaxation points for both staff and students of UMK.

Around Nicosia, there is a wide variety of food services, restaurants that serve local, continental, and international dishes, so students can even find dishes from their homeland.

Local markets and even supermarkets carry all types of groceries and food ingredients from across the world, so students who wish to cook homemade meals can easily find the ingredients.

Transportation at University Of Mediterranean Karpasia

The University of Mediterranean Karpasia provides a free bus shuttle service around the city for all its students and staff members.

The University bus travels hourly through different routes and bus stops around Nicosia in a very timely and scheduled fashion.

Students find that moving around the city is very easy and the commute is often time free.

Other bus services in the city also transport students at any time of the day for a small fare of €0.50.

The university’s shuttle service starts as early as 07:00 AM up to 00:15 at midnight ensuring that students are safely transported to campus or their destinations.

For new students, our transport unit is available to collect new students from the airport or maritime ports and transport them directly to UMK’s campus, we ensure that all our students settle in seamlessly in their new locations.

About Lefkosia/Nicosia

The oldest and yet biggest city in North Cyprus, its home to about 100 000 people of which a substantial percentage of them are students both local and international.

Lefkosa is culturally rich and full of life. It hosts several art and music festivals regularly. Sports arenas or facilities are easily accessible and it's frequent that students get together and play team sports.

The city also has the country´s biggest flea market where people can buy traditional food, clothes, accessories, art, and more at very affordable prices. The market is situated on the border between North and South Cyprus.

The city is pretty much resourceful with money exchange shops, designer shops, banks, hospitals, MoneyGram, western union, travel agents, and more.

The are plenty of traditional Turkish restaurants in the city as well as Kebab places which usually charge around €2 for a popular meal like “tavuk durum” or “kebab”. Nevertheless, you can also find high-class restaurants which are usually very busy during the summer.

The city also boasts of impressive cinemas of which one of them is newly built with 3D capabilities. The cinemas usually charge less for students provided they bring their student cards.

From the city of Lefkosia, you can travel to anywhere around Cyprus since the transport network revolves around the city.

In terms of touristic activities, many ancient buildings command a respectable amount of history and interest.

The city has multiple hotels, bars, pubs and betting houses, casinos where tourists usually spend a substantial amount of their time

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