About RocApply

Creating a brighter future, together

RocApply was founded in Berlin by a group of former university students in partnership with universities with the goal of simplifying the application process for prospective students.

The platform allows students to research courses as well as universities and still be able to directly apply on the same platform without ever having to go to the respective university pages.

We pride ourselves on being the first international consolidated university application platform which seamlessly allows students to search, find and apply to any university worldwide through the platform.

RocApply bridges the knowledge as well as the application gap between education institutions and prospective students.

Our value proposition is that we are user-friendly, streamline the application process from research to acceptance within a single platform and, most importantly, are free of charge to all students.

Value Proposition Students
RocApply for Students

Students have been deprived of the chance to apply to their dream universities or colleges because of lack of exposure for those particular universities and application complexities, RocApply platform fixes both problems through our incredible user-friendly platform.

Value Proposition Students
RocApply for Universities

For decades universities have been losing opportunities to get the most qualified students around the world to apply to their institutions because of the application process complexity. Students keep being unnecessarily directed to different sites.

Value Proposition Students
RocApply Mission

Our mission is simple and straightforward. We want to transform the way application to colleges and universities is made around the world. We want to make applications seamless, convenient and fun without losing touch with quality and credibility.

Value Proposition Students
RocApply Aim

As the first comprehensive university application platform to bridge the university/college application gap on a global scale through strategic partnerships, we aim to be the go-to platform for respective universities, colleges and most importantly students.

How to apply using RocApply
Only takes 5 minutes

Customize/filter your research of programs based on your preferences, such as country, city, language, semester or tuition fees. Roc Apply has all the answers for you.

Choose the university and programs which fit your requirements. More information provided about courses include tuition fees, visa requirements, application deadlines, etc.

Upload required documents, send your application and track progress. Go back and apply to another university, with no need to upload documents ever again. It’s that simple!

What you can do to help RocApply

There are a few things you can do to help RocApply and be part of our expanding family:

1.If you’re not sure where to start when using our platform don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

2.Share RocApply with your social media community. The more people we can reach, the better for everyone.

3.Provide feedback. Got something to say or contribute? Email us with your thoughts at [email protected]

4.If you’re a university/college, get in touch to find out about being onboarded to our platform.

Thanks for joining us on our mission to empower students, universities, colleges and simplify the application process around the globe.

RocApply with us!

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