Accommodation for students In North Cyprus

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Accommodation for students can be a major challenge in North Cyprus, however, RocApply together with its partners is attempting to rectify the situation by offering students the ability to search, find and reserve accommodation through the platform.

North Cyprus offers a diversified range of accommodation options including but not limited to dormitories, apartments, condos etc.

Single Accommodation

For individuals who prefer to have privacy then a single accommodation setup is the best choice and the prices vary for this particular setup.

Double Accommodation

For those who prefer to have someone to share thoughts with, discuss your daily experiences considering that university life is not only about classes but the ability to network. The prices are more favorable compared to a single accommodation setup up

Triple Accommodation

It’s the cheapest of the 3 types of Accommodation. The good thing about triple accommodation is that it gives you an opportunity to interact with people who are from different cultural backgrounds with different views and perspectives.

You can book your accommodation directly though RocApply here.


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