“Ok To Board” (e-visa) to North Cyprus (TRNC)

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What is Ok to Board?

For international students who have been accepted into any university in Turkey or North Cyprus (TRNC), traveling into the country’s borders has now diversified. The government of Turkey and TRNC have introduced an “Ok To Board” or e-visa system which is an alternative to the conventional student visa for Turkey and transit visas for TRNC.

The Ok to Board is a document or stamp which permits the traveler to board a flight to the country, especially for student travelers from countries where there are no visa requirements or for students who wish to travel in time to begin their studies, as this is a faster route for many.

The normal visa process takes 15-30 days to process and most students have different issues with the transit visa process. Accepted students who have paid their tuition and secured their place into any of the universities in Northern Cyprus, can gather their documents and apply for the ok to board travel document.

What are the documents required and which airline provides the service?

Ok to Board abbreviated as OTB is conducted with the airline service provider to ensure that the student carries all their travel essentials for their trip such as student certificate or unconditional acceptance letter, international passport, return ticket, student academic documents, medical certificate, and any other documents requested by the airline. Turkish Airline is the official flagship bearer of Turkey, and the only allowed airline provider for this service.

Our service

RocApply in keeping to our promise to help all students with all their study abroad needs is now offering premium services with visas and Ok to Board. Interested students can secure this travel arrangement alongside their travel ticket, typically, the travel ticket and date are the two most important parts of the Ok to Board service, they go hand in hand, and only when the ticket is confirmed can the OTB be issued. All flight and travel arrangements will also be done by us for the student’s convenience.

How much does it cost?

The flight and OTB costs will be handled by the student, and because the amount varies depending on the traveler’s country of origin or residence, we provide prices based on individual cases. Ok to Board can cost somewhere between $250 and upwards, so please verify with us for the exact amount.

When to Apply for Ok to Board?

Generally, it depends on the conditions of Turkish Airline, we advise you to forward all the documents relevant for travel to us so that we can update the OTB status at least 48 hours before the travel date. This gives Turkish Airlines enough time for them to update the traveler’s PNR.

How to get Ok to Board service?

Simply connect with us after your acceptance has been issued and the fees have been paid, we offer assistance with visas and Ok to Board travel arrangements. To get this service, please note that additional charges may apply, as this is a paid service conducted in collaboration with Turkish Airlines and the universities in North Cyprus for our students heading there for their studies.

Please contact our team at [email protected]

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How long does it take to process?

Airlines take a minimum of 24 to 48 hours to update the Ok to Board with the ticket information.


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