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Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University

Number of students
3500€ - 5503€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
February 29, October 31
Application Deadline
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Offered Programs

At inception, the institution had a humble education setting of one academy and vocational college, an English Preparatory school, and two faculties namely Dentistry and Pharmacy.

However growing in strides as articulated in the university’s vision which promotes ‘top-notch education to produce well-equipped and 21st-century aware persons’, this has since grown to five faculties as of the 2017/18 academic year which are:

  • Faculty Of Dentistry
  • Faculty Of Education
  • Faculty Of Law
  • Faculty Of Pharmacy
  • Faculty Of Social Sciences And Humanities

As an institution that strives towards excellence, CHSSU is fully committed to ensuring that students receive the best education at a very affordable cost.

CHSSU students compare the standards provided to that which is obtainable in any other western society at a price that pales in comparison to many of its counterparts across Europe.

Education should not be financially burdening to students, and as such the university offers affordable tuition fees and equal opportunities for all its students. To add to the very reasonably-priced tuition fees, CHSSU also offers scholarship opportunities and a well-structured payment plan which further strengthens their stance as the ‘University of Choice’.

The all-inclusive fees include payment for tuition fees, registration fees, health insurance fees, ID card certification and, other related academic provisions.

Please note that the added fees are paid yearly and all students pay this fee at the beginning of a new academic year. The cost of tuition varies from one program to another, however, international students can expect to pay between €2,00 to €6,500 for each year of study depending on their program of choice.


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Tuition and Scholarships at Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University

Interestingly, all international students enrolled at CHSSU studying in any of the bachelor programs are awarded a 75% tuition scholarship upon preliminary acceptance.

This scholarship serves for the entire duration of their programs at CHSSU and stands as one of the highest international student scholarship percentage in the country. The waiver applies to all students and comes with no conditions or restrictions whatsoever.

CHSSU also provides added tuition discounts and waivers to exceptional students who perform well within their first two semesters at the university. If they maintain good grades, this scholarship goes on for the entire period of their studies.

Other scholarships such as sports scholarships and legacy scholarships are also available for exceptional students who demonstrate strong athletic capabilities and students from the same family (siblings, twins, cousins).

The department also awards various academic scholarships on the grounds of academic performance during their study, these scholarships are offered at the discretion of the department and faculty.

Cost of living at Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University

100 - 250 Euro / month
40 Euro / month
Cost of living
60 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University

Founded in 2016 School: 2 Ranking:
Location: Güzelyurt, Northern Cyprus Vocational School: 1
Ranks 27th top universities in Cyprus (Edurank 2020)
Acronym: CHSSU Programs: 12 associate and bachelor degree programs Ranks 1,259th global universities (Edurank 2020)
Type: Private Student Population: 6,000 Faculty: 2
Tuition(avg.): €2,000 Academic Staff: 500+
International representation: Students from over 25 countries globally

Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University was set up in 2016 as the first of its kind in Northern Cyprus. Located in the mountain region of Güzelyurt, towards the west of the capital city, Lefkoşa, the university stands as a beacon of higher education in this area.

Although the university is relatively new, it has grown tremendously in just a few short years, CHSSU is currently home to over 6,000 students from well over 25 different countries worldwide and boasts of a complementary well-trained and qualified academic staff from over 10 countries globally.

Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University is a vibrant educational institution with global achievements owing to its dedicated team which continues to drive towards education par excellence.

The university offers higher education and foundation programs in some of the most sought after study areas today, programs offered at CHSSU are updated and relevant for the modern world. The university adopts one of the most thorough academic curricula in the entire country, where students learn under very close-knit conditions with advanced technology.

Unlike many other universities in the region which are located largely on the outskirts and shorelines, CHSSU is situated in an inland city to the west of Lefkoşa/Nicosia, the nation’s capital.

The university and its surrounding locality is still very much accessible to other major cities as it is 30 mins from Lefke, 45 minutes from Lefkosa, and lastly 60 to 80 minutes away from Girne and Magusa respectively.

Aiming for nothing short of world-class excellence and global recognition, Cyprus Health, and Social Sciences University is unanimously accredited and working in agreement with some of the world’s leading national councils and corporate boards.

The university has firm relations in countries such as the United Kingdom, Turkey, UAE, Nigeria, Poland, and many others.

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RocAply Services Offered to Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University Students

RocApply helps all our students with accommodation services both on and off-campus in Northern Cyprus. With a high priority for our students, we ensure that they get standard student housing tailored to their needs and their budget.

Our accommodation partners are littered across the city of Güzelyurt offering premium housing and facilities for our students. Take advantage of our seamless online application process and get into the program of your choice at Cyprus Health and Socia Sciences University.

We are offering a one-stop platform for all your university applications, visa, scholarships, housing, and transportation needs on the beautiful island of Northern Cyprus.

Our recently launched airport pick up service is very effective and stellar, treating students to an executive reception as they arrive in their new study-abroad destination.

Students and their properties are safely transported to their university campus or any other external home arrangements. We also assist with registration, payment of other fees, and subsequent integration into their new environments

Why Study at Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University

Modern Facilities

Since its inception, the university has had state-of-the-art facilities all around, the classrooms are uniquely modern and assistive methods of teaching are also employed, there are well-equipped modern laboratories and a well-stocked library with a very large directory of physical and online materials from various subject areas and fields. Students also take advantage of the very tech campus with internet access and online services to ease the student experience.

Affordable Education

Tuition at CHSSU is very affordable when you weigh the quality of education that the university offers and the additional opportunities that exist in Cyprus, students can aptly pick CHSSU as their institution of choice. The additional scholarships and discounts offered on tuition also set the university apart from the rest. The favorable student payment plans are also an excellent means of supporting students and easing any financial constraints.

Excellent Study Environment

CHSSU campus is a modern and unique environment of learning, the official language of learning for all programs is the English Language, and non-speakers must attend a compulsory English Preparatory School before they begin their programs. The university also boasts of a very well-trained academic staff of scholars and professionals who deliver both classroom and practical knowledge from a worldwide perspective.

International Opportunities

CHSSU is an international university that is committed to raising global game-changers across different fields. The university continues to spread its reach with students and staff from over 30 countries globally and a well diverse campus environment. The university leads a community-based campus environment that is inclusive and welcoming to different experiences, ideas, and concepts that will move the university forward. Various opportunities exist such as exchange programs, industrial learning, and many more. Noteworthy, CHSSU is a member of the European exchange program ERASMUS, which provides students with the chance to study and learn new cultures and cities within Europe.

Accommodation Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University

On Campus Accomodation at Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University

The university provides two separate dormitories for both male and female students in a neat, secure, and friendly environment, all the rooms come well furnished and the dorms are at proximity from the university campus.

CHSSU dormitories can house 1,000 and 1,500 students in each of them and the accommodation come as single or double room arrangements.

The rooms cost on average between $3,000 to $3,500 with meals included, and $1,500 to $2,000 without meals on-campus for each academic year. We advise new students to opt for on-campus accommodation before they get a hang of the city, as this is the quickest option for them.

Some of the key attributes of CHSSU dormitories include 24/7 wifi access, study desk, single bed, common or private kitchen, private or common laundry facilities, housekeeping, air conditioning in all the rooms, heater, flat-screen TV set, common or in-suite washroom, 24/7 security, and surveillance, and many more.

There is a cafeteria close by which serve meals at student prices or for free for students with a meal plan, there is also a supermarket within the nearby for all essentials and groceries. Transport services to and from the campus are available on the hour and even public transport options are available.

Note: The university does not provide cutlery and personal amenities with accommodation, while the rates and prices of the rooms are exclusive of electricity bills, students pay on a per-use basis.

Off Campus Accomodation at Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University

On the other hand, students can opt to stay outside of the school environment and within the city as there are private accommodation options with similar features available.

The prices for off-campus housing varies depending on the specific needs of the student, however, the general range goes between $1,500 to $2,500 for 12 months.

Student sharing is a common phenomenon in Cyprus, as two or more students combine resources to acquire a two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartment in the city. Under this agreement, students split the bills equally amongst themselves and share the cost of rent as well.

That said, students are often encouraged to stay on campus for at least their first year as they find their way around their new location. RocApply is here to assist our students on all matters that concern their accommodation at CHSSU, whether on or off-campus.

Sports at Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University

Being a university that advocates or ‘healthy education’, CHSSU understands the importance of physical development as well as healthy living.

The university has over 40 clubs and sports which students are actively engaged in and a range of sports facilities that students can easily access.

Sports clubs and teams at CHSSU include; archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, body-building, football, swimming volleyball kickboxing salon handball tennis, human rights club, culture club, environmental club, computer club just to note a few.

These spaces are a brilliant avenue for students to practice their skills and even develop new ones, the university gym is also open for both students and staff of CHSSU.

Sports and clubs are open to all students and everyone is encouraged to take part in at least one. Some of the skills one can expect to gain through such activities cover:

  • Improved teamwork
  • Confidence boost
  • Better Time management
  • Improved interaction

Food at Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University

CHSSU’s modern cafeteria offers full meals, and refreshments throughout the day as well as providing a comfortable and relaxing social environment. The campus canteen offers different meals three times a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has very easy going social scenery allowing students to relax and chat.

The dishes served include but are not limited to meat (all sorts), rice, pasta, potatoes, and dairy, pizza, and vegetarian meals.

The dining meals are prepared professionally by well-trained and friendly kitchen staff and taste as delicious as they look. Also within the university campus, are multiple food outlets (including the famous Burger King) where students can enjoy different fast food, local food, snacks, and treats at any time of the day.

There are also several nearby supermarkets to meet each person’s preference when it comes to food and drinks, as some individuals might prefer making their own meals. Güzelyurt is a very student-friendly city and as such the prices on food and groceries are not outrageous but very favorable.

Transportation at Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University

Despite not currently having buses of their own, CHSSU has gone out of their way to cater or students by providing local hired buses to meet their student’s transportation obligations.

Transport is thus available in and around the city with a bus also available for students coming from as far as Lefkosa every morning and evening.

Bus services and timely and effective and students use them for free to get to campus and around the city. Bus services begin promptly from 7 am and run through to 6 pm while the buses themselves are comfortable, spacious, and air-conditioned.

The university already plans to acquire new and comfortable students buses to cater to its growing student population, these branded buses will continue in the timely and effective fashion with which the current transport services operate.

About Guzelyurt/Morphou

The university is situated in Guzelyurt, a jewel city that is predominantly known for the myth of the Greek Aphrodite as well as its lustrous citrus farming. The city is laden with international students as it is a central city hosting students from surrounding universities (METU, EUL, CHSSU).

Guzelyurt is located in the west area of Northern Cyprus, it is covered in a beautiful sea of mountains on a coastal route through the countryside.

Guzelyurt which is the major hub of business in the Guzelyurt district is quite popular for its citrus farming activities. Situated by the footsteps of the Troodos Mountains, the city is the most fruitful agricultural landmass on the northern island.

Not the most charming city at a first glance, but the further time spent exploring the city, reveals all the hidden gems and beauties that this calm city provides. With a large portion of citrus production and exportation coming from this city, a large number of the locals are majorly small and large scale farmers.

Guzelyurt has always been a peaceful clime for tourists looking to get away from the busy cities in TRNC. The presence of the university has brought in major economic revenue for this district as more businesses are opening up to serve the many needs of this vibrant student community.

The city has most of the services and items that students would require, therefore they do not need to travel to any of the other major cities. In the summer, there are amazing hangout spots such as Aspava and Aphrodite which provide meals, relaxation, sports, drinks, and many more fun activities in the lovely Mediterranean weather.

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