North Cyprus Lifestyle and Culture

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North Cyprus, as a whole, has a small-town lifestyle. Things move at a slower pace than London or Berlin, but it's more the Turkish way to take time to do things (drink Turkish coffee first, then talk).

Elderly people spend most of their time enjoying conversations with their families, friends, and neighbors. North Cyprus has a hard-working culture, but they embrace having fun and try whenever they can to mix the two, or at least find a way to accommodate both.

People in North Cyprus are inquiring. They will show a lot of interest in learning about other cultures. They are open-minded with a willingness to understand situations.

The identity, heritage and culture of the Turkish Cypriots are heavily based on:


"North Cyprus is easy going, the culture is welcoming, and it helps that most people are foreigners " - Wice Pfening from Germany

Considering the number of social events taking place around the island it's of importance just like any other destination around the world to associate yourself with a safe crowd and if ever you find yourself in a very compromising situation please contact the police immediately at 155.

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