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RocApply is searching for an experienced Search Engine Specialist in North Cyprus or remote who is going to support the RocApply North Cyprus and Expansion Team in finding creative ways to improve the Search Engine rankings of the services offered by Rocapply. This includes writing and creating highly relevant content about studying in North Cyprus, finding ways to create relevant Backlinks and improving the student experience of RocApply.

As RocApply's SEO specialist you will be responsible for creating highly relevant content, relevant to the North Cyprus market, improving the user experience and content quality and creating relevant backlinks as well as analyzing traffic sources.

You will be working closely with the North Cyprus and German interdisciplinary team.

About RocApply:

We as RocApply are building a One-stop solution for students that are studying abroad. We are supporting students in finding the right program and university, getting admission within RocApply, automated support for Visa and accommodation and building a local community for students.

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Search Engine Optimization Specialist at RocApply:

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About North Cyprus:

North Cyprus, as a whole, has a small-town lifestyle. Things move at a slower pace than London or Berlin but people are very friendly, nice and welcoming. The Island has people from all corners of the world and you are not likely to feel lonely.