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1250€ - 6300€
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January 18, September 14
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Tuition and Scholarships at Near East University

Near East University offers its students "all-inclusive packages" which cover tuition and fees, accommodation(4-people dorms) and food for as affordable as €4,400 per year. For graduate programs International Students pay an average of € 350 per course  Near East East university offers 1 year Master programs and 2 Year programs. International Students pay € 800 per PhD course on average.

The one year Master programs offered by Near East university costs €7000 of which students can enroll throughout the year; Fall, Spring and Summer Terms. The fee €7000 includes Registration fee, social activity, health insurance, thesis fee, bench fee and tax, however, students who fail to finish the program within that time period are expected to pay €1850 for every semester extended


As a way to market the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, all international students are subject to a 50% scholarship except for the Medicine and Dentistry programs furthermore, the students who get impressive results consistently get further scholarships pushing their tuition fees to a mere 25%.


Cost of living at Near East University

130 - 280 Euro / month
50 Euro / month
Cost of living
70 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Near East University

About Near East University

Near East University (NEU) is a private international institution of higher education founded in 1988 within North Cyprus and located in the historic city of Nicosia. The university prides itself on being one of the best in institutions in Europe and statistics truly support its claim as its students have gone on to be entrepreneurs.

Taking into consideration the quality of education, its infrastructure, and affordable tuition fees, the university is able to attract a respectable number of applicants each and every semester.

As of today, Near East University consists of 27,000 students from over 65 countries and has over 17 facilities,92 Departments, 5 Graduate Schools,4 Vocational Schools and 28 Research Centres which all boost of impeccable lectures with impressive qualifications and personalities to handle students from different cultural backgrounds.

All tuition fee payments to Near East University should be deposited into the accounts below and as soon as you receive the payment receipt please send to RocApply at [email protected]

Please, never give the tuition fee payment to anyone else RocApply does do not collect any tuition fee direct from any student. All students should always make sure they include the following on their payment details name and surname, passport number and the detail of payment (tuition fee, dormitory fee, etc.)

Payments for Tuition in Euros
Branch Code: 6818
Account Name: NEAR EAST UNIVERSITY (053)
Account No.: 40581 (EURO)
IBAN : TR66 0006 4000 0026 8180 040581
Payments for Tuition in USD
Branch Code: 6818
Account Name: NEAR EAST UNIVERSITY (053)
Account No.: 040417 (USD)
IBAN : TR32 0006 4000 0026 8180 0404 17



Why Study at Near East University

International study environement

Near East is accredited by the Joint Commission International for Clinical Excellence and also are the only facilities in the Middle East region that offer such a wide range of training and research opportunities

Competent Stuff

ear East University has a number of international lectures promoting impressive academic achievement and these academics offer quality education to its respectable students.

Modern Infrastructure

Near East's Dentistry and Medicine departments offered through the Near East Hospital are the best among all universities in North Cyprus and they are recognised internationally.

Affordable Education

All international students at Near East receive scholarships that cover 50 % of their tuition fees.100% scholarships are also offered on merit to students with outstanding academic achievement.


On Campus Accomodation at Near East University

Accommodation in North Cyprus' Near East University costs between 160 Euro and 280 Euro per month on-campus, however, students can find cheaper accommodation off campus. Near East's on-campus accommodation has a capacity of over 4500 students. New students are given priority, however, it's important to reserve a room earlier.

Near East offers fully furnished apartments with a lounge, kitchen and bathrooms. Students are allowed to cook and prepare their own meals or opt to eat in the canteen.

Payments for Accommodation in Euros
Branch Code: 6818
Account Name: NEAR EAST UNIVERSITY (053)
Account No.: 039393 (EURO)

TR35 0006 4000 0026 8180 039393


Payments for Accommodation in USD
Branch Code: 6818
Account Name: NEAR EAST UNIVERSITY (053)
Account No.: 039762 (USD)
IBAN : TR63 0006 4000 0026 8180 039762
Off Campus Accomodation at Near East University

Off-Campus accommodation prices and conditions vary depending on the what the student is specifically looking for.It is important to consult before paying for off-campus accommodation. The university has Guest Houses on and off-campus for visiting parents and friends of students.It is also close to a number of hotels nevertheless booking early is advised.

Sports at Near East University

Near East University is the most active in sporting activities among all universities in North Cyprus and it has an impressive sports infrastructure to support its activities. The University facilities consists of a swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court and a football field just to name a few.

The sporting facilities are conducive for both summer and winter considering that they have an indoor arena and outdoor facilities which both open until the late hours of the night.


Food at Near East University

Near East university campus canteen offers different meals 3 times a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The dishes include but are not limited to meat, rice, pasta, potatoes and vegetarian meals. Students are offered different options for the canteen meals, for example a yearly fee for all meals or a pay per meal basis.

Within the university campus there are multiple restaurants where students can enjoy different dishes and also there is a huge supermarket.


Transportation at Near East University

Near East University students and staff members can use the buses for free to travel around the city. The University ring bus service follows three different routes between Nicosia and the CIU campus from 7:00 in the morning to 00:15 midnight.

Near East Transportation Unit also collects new students from the airport or maritime ports and transport them directly to the Near East University campus free and seamlessly.


about Lefkosia/Nicosia

The oldest and yet biggest city in North Cyprus, its home to about 100 000 people of which a substantial percentage of them are students both local and international. Lefkosa is culturally rich and full of life. It hosts a number of art and music festivals on a regular basis.

Sports arenas or facilities are easily accessible and it's frequent that students get together and play team sports. The city also has the country´s biggest flea market where people can buy traditional food, clothes, accessories, art, and more at very affordable prices. The market is situated on the border between North and South Cyprus.

The city is pretty much resourceful with money exchange shops, designer shops, banks, hospitals, MoneyGram, western union, travel agents and more. The are plenty of traditional Turkish restaurants in the city as well as Kebab places which usually charge around 2 euros for a Durum or Kebab.

Nevertheless, you can also find high-class restaurants which are usually very busy during the summer. The city also boasts of impressive cinemas of which one of them is newly built with 3D capabilities.

The cinemas usually charge less for students provided they bring their student cards. From the city of Lefkosia, you can travel to anywhere around Cyprus since the transport network revolves around the city.

In terms of touristic activities, there are a number of ancient buildings which commands a respectable amount of history and interest. The city has multiple hotels, hostels and betting houses, casinos where tourists usually spend a substantial amount of their time.

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