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Girne American University

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1167€ - 3250€
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Scholarships available
January 25, September 26
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Tuition and Scholarships at Girne American University

The university offers a diversified range of programs ranging from Bachelor, Masters, and P.H.D. just to name a few. The annual tuition fee for all international students studying in Bachelor or undergraduate programs in GAU ranges from € 4,500 to €6,000 per academic year.

To be precise undergraduates tuition fees are as follows; Faculty of Law 6,000 Euros (per academic year) Faculty of Engineering 5,500 Euros (per academic year) Faculty of Architecture, Design & Fine Arts 5,500 Euros (per academic year)

All other Faculties 5,000 Euros (per academic year) All other Schools (including Vocational School) 4,500 Euros (per academic year.Master Program tuition fee are 6,500 Euros for the entire program and Ph.D. Program tuition fee stand at 8,000 Euros for the entire program)


Girne American University is currently offering a 50% tuition scholarship to their international students for all Associate, Bachelor and Master Degree programs.

Cost of living at Girne American University

200 - 300 Euro / month
70 Euro / month
Cost of living
85 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Girne American University

Why Study at Girne American University

International study environement

The students are made up of individuals from different cultural backgrounds such as America, Europe, Asia and Africa.The university has accreditation from globally respected bodies and institutions.

Affordable Education

Compared to respective universities around Europe Girne American university tuition fees is considered affordable taking into considering the quality of education and the number of scholarships given to students.

Competent Stuff

The teaching staff is a mixture of professors, Doctors, and managers from respectable international cooperations.On a regular basis, guest lectures fly in from different institutions around the world for lectures.

Modern Infrastructure

The university has invested a lot of on technological infrastructure to compliment the needs of both the teaching staff and the students.The GAU laboratories have the latest equipment for medical, architecture, pharmacy and more.


On Campus Accomodation at Girne American University

Accommodation in North Cyprus' Girne American University costs between 160 Euro and 280 Euro per month on-campus, however, students can find cheaper accommodation off campus. GAU has three impressive on-campus accommodation buildings for students all within easy reach of the campus as well as the city center by foot.

The rooms are Air-conditioned with bathroom, refrigerator, microwave, beds, table & chairs, wardrobe, TV and a telephone. The fully furnished apartments are fully equipped with the necessary equipment to make the rooms a home and most importantly have high-security standards.

Students can stay in single or double rooms. The residence has a garden and is also 100 meters away from classrooms.

Off Campus Accomodation at Girne American University

Girne city has been tremendously growing over the past couple of years, meaning a lot more off-campus accommodation has been constructed. The prices of these vary but it is that recommended for new students to secure on-campus accommodation since they are given priority.

For Student families, throughout the Island of North Cyprus, Girne is the easiest city to secure accommodation may it be a hotel, a hostel or an Airbnb. Just like in any other city the price of the hotels vary depending on when you book hence its recommended to book early.

Sports at Girne American University

The university has different sports clubs for its students as well as the adequate infrastructure to support these activities including soccer, volleyball, basketball and more. The city of Girne has a number of competitive private sports clubs in which students can also join and compete.

Food at Girne American University

The university has its own canteen which serves different dishes, students have the option to pay a yearly fee or simply pay as per meal which is, however, more costly. The students have a wide range of restaurants to choose from since Girne is the hub for restaurants in North Cyprus.

Transportation at Girne American University

The Girne American University buses get students for free around the Girne city as well as a couple of times during the day to different cities around the Island such as in Nicosia, Lefke and Famagusta. The buses are also available to transport students to and from the airport.

about Girne/Kyrenia

Girne is the most vibrant city in North Cyprus, its located close to the harbor and hence surrounded by water. The city has one of the most amazing bars, clubs, and restaurants in the whole of North Cyprus. Girne has a population of over 21 000 people and one of the best climate conditions in summer.

People get to do a lot of water sports in Girne and boat tours cost between 20 to 40 euros per person, however, cheaper as a group.

The scenery is great for relaxation and often students visit the city center just to walk around. Kyrenia is the most favorable city for tourists and hence its flooded with impressive hotels and shops. The primary or most used language in the city is English.

The city is also situated close to a historic castle which attracts a number of tourists from all over the place. Compared to other cities life is faster in Kyrenia, however, accommodation is also a bit expensive.

Girne has the best transport system within North Cyprus, buses and taxis are always readily available. In winter the city is less lively and usually less populated. Just like other cities in Cyprus there are a number of Casinos and betting houses around the city which are are hunting grounds for student jobs.

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