Netkent Mediterranean Research and Science University

Netkent Mediterranean Research and Science University

Number of students
843€ - 1054€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
August 23, October 18
Application Deadline
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Offered Programs

RocApply invites you to apply to participate in all of Netkent's outstanding online programs. We are a one-stop platform that provides all content related to foreign higher education. We have cooperated with Netkent Mediterranean Research and Science University to simplify the application and admission process of this prestigious institution, applied for a visa, and stayed in the beautiful Mediterranean country of Northern Cyprus.

Do you want to start online training at Netkent?

We provide short and clear admission steps. Our main requirements for each student are high motivation, a good high school diploma, and a good level of English.

At RocApply, we do our best to provide you with the best choice for studying abroad, and we have established partnerships with many of the world's leading universities. All university applications can be completed directly online through our online service. Applicants can fill out an application form and upload the required documents to our platform for easy access.

Online Undergraduate Eligibility Requirements

Applicants who wish to study bachelor's degree programs online must possess a High School Diploma or any equivalent diploma that measures up  (e.g. O/A’Level, WAEC/NECO).

Online Undergraduate Admission Documents

The following documents must be provided during the application process;

a)      Copy or translated photocopy of High School Diploma

b)      Official transcript (the applicant has to submit an English version of the official transcript)

c)      Copy of the identity card or passport

d)     One photograph

e)      Curriculum Vitae (CV)

f)       Letter of Intent

Online Graduate Eligibility Requirements

Applicants who wish to enroll in graduate-level programs must already possess an undergraduate degree or its equivalent.

Admission Documents

a)      The following documents must be provided during the application process;

b)      Copy or translated photocopy of Undergraduate Diploma

c)      Official transcript (the applicant has to submit an English version of the official transcript)

d)     Copy of the identity card or passport

e)      One photograph

f)       One Reference Letter (Academic or Professional)

g)      CV/Resume

h)      Letter of Purpose

Applicants for this program must confirm one of the following conditions;

Pass one of the following English proficiency test scores: TOEFL: 60 or IELTS: 5.5.

Complete a bachelor's degree in an English-speaking country

Graduated from a university where English accounts for at least 70% of the learning environment

Applicants who do not meet any of the above conditions can take the Netkent qualification exam and must obtain a score of 70/100. Applicants with scores from 50 to 70/100 can start the online master's degree program after completing the Netkent English Proficiency Program (a 14-week online course for $400).

Applicants do not need to take the GRE/GMAT test. Nonetheless, having a valid GRE/GMAT score will enable students to perform well in admissions.

Select your Degree

Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Proof of English Language knowledge: TOEFL(minimum score 75), IELTS (minimum band score 5.5), CEFR (minimum grade B2) or any other equivalent.

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Select your Bachelor program

Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelors Degree

Select your field of study for Masters


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Tuition and Scholarships at Netkent Mediterranean Research and Science University

A first of its kind, Netkent offers a very dynamic educational template that is accessible anywhere in the world. The university is responding to the growing demands of digitalization in education and research and successfully provides an active student experience from North Cyprus to anywhere in the world. Netkent is a private organization, built on the knowledge of experts and leading academicians in the region.

Netkent Mediterranean Research and Science University is committed to delivering excellent teaching with international quality whilst being accessible and affordable. The tuition fees for undergraduate programs at the university are the same for all courses that they currently offer. New bachelor’s studies students are required to pay $1,200 per academic term and graduate students pay $3,000 for the online MBA program available.

The university offers an early bird tuition discount for MBA students who register months before the new semester begins. With this discount, graduate students will only pay $2,500 for the online program. The university is looking forward to creating many new opportunities for its students as they continue to expand.

Fees payment can be made via credit card or through a secure server (operated by PayTR) or by bank transfer to the university’s account. Details will be provided for interested applicants, as their application proceeds.

Please contact our team for all your tuition-related concerns.

Cost of living at Netkent Mediterranean Research and Science University

200 - 300 Euro / month
200 Euro / month
Cost of living
85 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Netkent Mediterranean Research and Science University

Netkent, Mediterranean Research and Science University is the first interactive digital online university in the region. Netkent was founded in 2010 and is located in Lefkosia.

It has nine undergraduate and three graduate courses in the School of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Engineering, and Law.

Netkent received TRNC’s prior approval from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports on December 31, 2009, and was approved by the Higher Education Program Accreditation and Coordination Committee (YÖDAK) on February 4, 2004, No. 33/2006, according to TRNC's law.

Netkent is a pioneer in the era of digital transformation. The speed of Internet usage continues to increase, information access has become easier, the concept of space has become abstract, and time has become more important. In this light, Netkent provides limitless education with an active community that breaks the barriers of the conventional.

In the modern world, we make the most effective use of digitization and unlimited interactive communication. The new requirements of globalization require revisions to strategies, methods, and basic principles that are also used in higher education.

As the concept of constant change and development cannot be resisted today, advances in the fields of technology, economics, sociology, and culture have also caused a demand for sustainable quality in the academic field. Also, career development and planning are crucial for prospective students and professionals.

As a pioneer in the application of advanced learning systems in the 21st century, Netkent is committed to the success of students, providing them with excellent experience and connections to help them achieve successful careers in a globalized world. Therefore, Netkent positions itself as the first digital interactive online university in the region.

The university’s online “OIS” system, is very concise and easy to maneuver, the templates are inclusive and every student is recognized here. Take advantage of this simplified and affordable education platform and achieve all your goals.

Why Study at Netkent Mediterranean Research and Science University

Global University

Netkent Mediterranean Research and Science University is expanding rapidly and garnering favorable repute on the international scene with more foreign students accepted every year. Students come from more than 30 countries globally across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The campus environment is multicultural and provides an international experience that is second to none.

Hands-on training

Students at Netkent Mediterranean Research and Science University can testify to the attention to detail and the close system of education adopted by the university and its academic members. The university student to teacher ratio is very commendable as advisors and lecturers treat students on an individual basis, and classroom settings are very close-knitted for better knowledge assimilation.


Integrating many digital routes towards many facets of student life, like learning, development and, training.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The university has a keen focus on innovation, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, presently taking on practice-based teaching methods that promote independent thinking and entrepreneurship. Students learn how to survive in competitive spaces and gain real-time knowledge and experience that can be translated into the real world.

About Nicosia

Nicosia (or formally known as Lefkoșa in Turkish) is a unique and fascinating combination ofvibrant street life, unlike its long and varied history. Netkent administrative center is located in the heart of the historic city of Lefkosa.

This region rich in history and culture is located in the northern part of the walled city called the "City of Light" and includes the ancient civilizations united in the region.

Although Netket students are mostly online, they have access to the magnificent beauty of this island and can visit whenever they please.

Almost all the interesting things in this walled city. Colorful modern cafes and bars, many museums, and a series of winding paths, lined with colonial buildings, churches, and mosques, tell a colorful story.

Some of the main cultural and historical attractions include Buyuk Khan, Selimiye Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Dvik Pasha’s House, Ethnographic Museum, and Kyrenia Gate.

Northern Cyprus is a popular destination, with warm and long seasons throughout the year. The coastal area has a Mediterranean climate, with rainy winters and hot and sunny summers.

The temperature in Cyprus drops to 17°C in the middle of winter and warms in December and January, with 6 hours of sunlight in a day. However, the weather is unfavorable. In winter, when the weather turns cold, it is recommended to wear warm jackets and sweaters.

Northern Cyprus has an endless blue sky, and the long and unspoiled beaches without any pollution soon extend from the mountains to the sea. In addition to the natural landscape,Cyprus has many interesting historical sites worth visiting: the ruins of medieval castles, vast archaeological sites, and mighty classical cities.

For centuries, from the Assyrians to the Egyptians, from the Persians to the Romans, they have ruled Cyprus, and each has left its unique mark on different territories.





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