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Kıbrıs Batı Üniversitesi

Cyprus West University

Number of students
1175€ - 1175€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
February 11, October 11
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Cyprus West University is a phenomenal university that that pushes further from the conventional higher educational system, despite being one of the newest universities in the country, CWU has managed to show itself as a novel institution of education and research.

Tuition at the university stands at a very affordable cost, providing quality education to individuals from all works of life.

The cost varies from one faculty to the other but students can expect to pay very reasonable amounts for tuition, accommodation, and other academic costs.

Below is the breakdown of the tuition fees for international students at the current programs available at the university.

Undergraduate Courses $7,000 Tuition Fee (per academic year)
Associate Degree Courses $6,750 Tuition Fee (per academic year)
Foundation Courses $6,750 Tuition Fee (per academic year)

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Cyprus West University in Rankings

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  • YÖK: Council of Higher Education in Turkey.
  • YÖDAK: Higher Education Inspection and Evaluation Board
  • UK NARIC: The National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom
  • IACBE: The International Accreditation Council for Business Education
  • ATLAS: The Association for Tourism and Leisure Education and Research
  • EUCEN: To contribute to the social, economic and cultural life of Europe
  • COLLEGE BOARD: Cyprus West University is an SAT Test Center
  • INQAAHE: The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education
  • KKTC MEB: TRNC Ministry of National Education and Culture


Tuition and Scholarships at Cyprus West University

All international students at CWU receive a 60% scholarship on their tuition fees from the start of their programs at the university and run through the entire duration of their programs.

The university created this scholarship plan to better foster international relations and solidify the university’s commitment to internationalization, a beneficial scheme for both the university’s outlook and the students as well.

A further 70% scholarship is offered to certain students who show dynamic academic excellence from their previous education, this scholarship is offered at the faculty’s discretion.

Similarly, students who achieve excellent grades or a GPA of 3.5/4.0 after their first two semesters of study at CWU, are eligible for 100% tuition scholarship which typically lasts for the entire program duration on the condition that the student continues to maintain this GPA cumulative.

Under these schemes, the international tuition fee breakdown would now be;

Programs 60% Scholarship 70% Scholarship
Undergraduate Programs $2,800 $2,100
Associate Programs $2,700 $2,025
Foundation Programs $2,700 $2,025

Cost of living at Cyprus West University

180 - 250 Euro / month
65 Euro / month
Cost of living
75 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Cyprus West University

Turkish: Kıbrıs Batı Üniversitesi Acronym: CWU, KBU Schools: 3
Location: Famagusta, Northern Cyprus Language of Instruction: English and Turkish Programs: 10
Founded: 2015 Tuition(avg.): $2,700 per academic year Student Population: 1,000+
Category: Private Scholarship: Available Student/Staff Ratio: 24:1
Campus: Modern Faculty: 4
International Representation: Students from more than 24 countries globally

Cyprus West University first started in the year 2015 as a private higher education institution situated in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus.

The university reflects the modern contemporary side of Cyprus combined with its rich history as one of the most relevant social focal points of the Mediterranean. CWU presently, 10 programs, 4 faculties, and 3 schools offering both bachelor and associate degrees for a period of 3 to 4 years.

Also, the English foundation school is accessible for students who require lessons to improve on their English before they begin their respective programs.

Over just a few short years, CWU has garnered local and international acclaim for its exemplary teaching methods and a high-quality academic unit made up of some of the brightest and relevant scholars and professionals in the region.

The university offers top-notch teaching and practical knowledge to cater to the growing demands of the modern world today. CWU students are steadily rising to take over and dominate in their respective fields of study.

The university provides many other avenues for student development academically and socially, with state-of-the-art facilities and fixtures and a modern campus building that stands tall amidst the beautiful Famagusta landscape.

This student-centered learning institution is committed to fostering intercultural interactions in this very diverse campus of students from over 24 countries globally.

An exacting academic schedule is as of now being executed at CWU, this new learning method began in September and it is structured in 14 weeks, with each program lasting for 8 semesters.

Moving forward, students will have the option of taking courses and tests or exams whenever (semester, day, time) as indicated by his/her time plan. Everybody would also have the option of a four-year certification in a more extended timeframe or a shorter one in 3 or 2.5 years.

CWU believes that it will be business visionaries, not states, or large companies that will cause a change and lift the world up out of the financial downturn it has fallen into.

Be that as it may, to be an effective business visionary, students should be exceptionally taught and set up a conspicuous character in the academic world.

Some university graduates are eager to seek after their professions while others may seek after entrepreneurship that creates job opportunities for other people.

Nonetheless, the point of a university degree goes past the constrained limits of getting a new line of work or beginning a business, it no translates into more meaningful levels such as helping young people find their self-purpose, personal, and community awareness, and opening new skylines for the future generation.

RocApply will help all our students of Cyprus West University with accommodation services both on and off-campus in Northern Cyprus. With a high priority for our students, we ensure that they get standard student housing tailored to their needs and their budget.

Our accommodation partners are littered across the city of Famagusta offering premium housing and facilities for our students.

Take advantage of our seamless online application process and get into the program of your choice at Cyprus West University.

We are offering a one-stop platform for all your university applications, visa, scholarships, housing, and transportation needs on the beautiful island of Northern Cyprus.

Our recently launched airport pick up service is very effective and stellar, treating students to an executive reception as they arrive in Cyprus West University.

Students and their properties are safely transported to the Cyprus West University campus or any other external home arrangements. Together with Cyprus West University RocApply will also assist with registration, payment of other fees, and subsequent integration into their new environments

Accommodation Cyprus West University

On Campus Accomodation at Cyprus West University

Accommodation in CWU is offered by the university as different dormitories situated close to campus in Famagusta, the cost of campus accommodation costs between $200 and $300, for single or double room dormitories paid every month.

Campus accommodation is preferred for more security and proximity, both male and female students of CWU have separate dormitories laden with all the necessary facilities and utilities, such as heating, wifi internet, security surveillance, housekeeping, and a laundry room amongst others.

New students are given priority, but students must apply early and reserve the space. Dormitories are fully-furnished apartments with a lounge, kitchen, bathroom, and a cozy balcony. Students are allowed to cook and prepare their meals or opt to eat in the canteen. 

Off Campus Accomodation at Cyprus West University

Some students opt to find cheaper accommodation outside the school’s housing arrangement, RocApply can organize accommodation for students in different dormitory complexes or private houses around the city, please contact us on [email protected].

There is a range of options ranging from studio plats to one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments littered around Famagusta. The city is a student city as there are over 3 universities present, so students are very much considered when it comes to the cost of accommodation and the general standard of living in Famagusta.

Off-campus accommodation prices and conditions vary depending on what the student is specifically looking for. It is important to consult with us before paying for any off-campus housing.

The university is also close to the beach and a myriad of 5-star hotels and cheap hostels which are convenient for visiting family or friends of a student.

Generally, students can expect to pay between $100 to $400 for monthly rent depending on the luxury that they desire, students also live together in what is called ‘student sharing’ where two or more students rent an apartment and split the bills as a means of saving costs.

Sports at Cyprus West University

Since Famagusta is a very cosmopolitan university that is loaded with students from over 150 countries globally, the city is very eclectic and vibrant with many public and private sporting facilities.

CWU students have access to all of these sports complexes, and gymnasiums for personal training or team training.

The city is very active with public gym facilities that are open for all and a sports complex that comprises of a football field, a tennis court, a volleyball field, and a recreational park for other athletic or relaxational activities. 

Food at Cyprus West University

Cyprus West University campus canteen offers different meals three times a day which breakfast, lunch, and dinner served all-inclusive.

The dishes are healthy and rich and a blend of Mediterranean and Western-themed cuisines, cooked under very safe conditions and taste as appealing as they look.

Students are offered different options for the canteen meals, for example, a yearly fee for all meals or on a pay-per-meal basis.

Within the university campus, there are also multiple restaurants where students can enjoy different dishes and delights, they also serve as relaxation points for both staff and students of CWU.

Around Famagusta, there are a range of food services, restaurants that serve local, continental, and international dishes, so students can even find dishes from their homeland.

Local markets and even supermarkets carry all types of groceries and food ingredients from across the world, so students who wish to cook homemade meals can easily find the ingredients.

Transportation at Cyprus West University

The city of Famagusta has a range of public transport services that operate at every corner at all times of the day, students find that moving around is very seamless.

Interestingly the cost of transportation in the city is very cheap compared to other areas in Northern Cyprus, praised as the most cost-friendly city in the country.

Taxis are the most used transport service as they are littered around the city and easily available for short and long trips, there are also public buses that go around major bus stops every thirty minutes.

The city is also extremely safe and students can walk around easily without fear, crime rates are very low and the country is very secure for even late night movements. 

About Gazimagusa/Famagusta

North Cyprus is an island that sits at the crossroads of three continents with nine months of Mediterranean sunshine and people who are renowned for their generous hospitality.

The miles of its unique coastline and the natural and historical beauty of North Cyprus are hard to find anywhere else in the world, truly making it a corner of heaven touched by the earth.

The city of Famagusta is a fine example of European medieval architecture, with a wide variety of architectural monuments leftover from different civilizations. 

This city is spawling with international students thanks to the presence of the state university within the main city area.

Magusa, Gazimagusa, or Famagusta is home to more than 4,000 people with impressive cultural treasures and beautiful sites for tourists and visitors to enjoy.

Primarily a student city and boasts of magnificent beaches, beautiful hotel resorts, and of having the oldest state university in North Cyprus.

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