Student Life in North Cyprus

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Cyprus is warm and full of life. Therefore it attracts people from all corners of the world ranging from tourists and business people to expatriates. There are a number of hotels and casinos, which is where most students tend to secure their part-time job opportunities.
Students can enjoy the luxury of public sports facilities which include but are not limited to swimming pools, basketball courts and tennis courts. Besides that, students in different universities even play professional football for different clubs.
Social Activities
There is a diverse range of social and cultural groups which students can join depending on their preferences, which serve to help students adapt fast to life away from home. 

What makes North Cyprus student life stand out from other nations?

Cyprus has one of the best night lives in Europe with tourists from different countries making it even more exciting.

There are a number of clubs namely which consistently host the hottest DJs and artists from around the world.

Representatives from different countries have managed to invite musicians from their respective countries to perform in Cyprus on a regular basis, therefore the possibility of having a chance to attend a concert from your favorite musician in Cyprus is very high.

Whether you prefer dancing all night or quietly sipping cocktails, North Cyprus has got you covered. Restaurants are open 24 hours a day giving people an opportunity to have great meals during late hours.

"I once attended a Wizkid concert in North Cyprus and I found it fun but there were so many people I did not get a chance to get an autograph" - Linda Mandara from Malawi

When students are not busy in class, playing sports, in bars, in clubs or enjoying delicious Turkish dishes in fancy restaurants they will be out enjoying mother nature by the sea. Therefore, you better be prepared for a lot of swimming.

For those addicted to blockbuster Hollywood movies there are 3-D cinemas which show new releases in English for which students only pay half price. Just make sure you do not forget your student card.

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