North Cyprus Visa Requirements for international students

Visa Requirements for Students in North Cyprus

Visa requirements for students that want to study in North Cyprus are different for students depending on their citizenship. Select you country below, learn about the relevant regulations and find the embassies and consulates in your country!

1.Step: Select your Country

Visa Requirments for EU-Students

 International Students who belong to the EU are free to enter North Cyprus and apply for a student visa when they get there.

Visa Requirments for Non-EU-Students

 Students from countries which do not belong to the EU must have a student visa for entry to North Cyprus. Student visas are issued only to full-time international students, however, some countries from Asia, Africa, North and South America do not require Visas to travel to North Cyprus. Please contact RocApply for more information.
The visa requirements stated on this site are specifically for North Cyprus, South Cyprus is part of the EU and therefore has different Visa Requirements.
North Cyprus, unfortunately, does not have embassies in every country. If your country does not have a North-Cyprus Embassy the Turkish embassy is the official embassy to submit your documents and process your application for a visa to the Republic of Northern Cyprus.
2019 Important Update for Students from Some Countries Worldwide

Document Checklist for a study Visa in North Cyprus

RocApply Tip: please make sure you don't have any Greek or South Cyprus numbers on your phone. If one is found with such a contact during immigration check-in they'll be detained and deported. With no provision of future re-entry into North Cyprus.

To obtain a North-Cyprus study Visa you will need to bring the following:

If you fail to submit all the documents in time, the embassy will ask you to book another date for your appointment, therefore to avoid delays please submit all the documents in full.

As the Visa process for international students can take up to 3 months, depending on the country, we strongly encourage you to calculate enough time for it.


Application and visa process to North Cyprus

"I had to cancel my ticket to South Cyprus because I did not know that as long as you do not have an EU pass or Greece visa you are not allowed to enter South Cyprus. Do not make the same mistake I did, South Cyprus and North Cyprus are basically different countries" Students who try to illegally cross the border to South of Cyprus get arrested and sentenced to prison and then deported to their home country. Those students will never be allowed to enter South Cyprus, North Cyprus and Turkey again.- Badar Bilal from Pakistan

Costs of obtaining the Student Permit

  Upon arrival in North Cyprus, students are expected to obtain a student permit which will allow them to be legally acknowledged in the Country.
 For new students, they have nothing to worry about since RocApply and the university's international students office officials will assist you through this process.
The cost of for obtaining the student permit is approximately 60 Euros.
This cost will cater for costs such as:
  • Police clearance examination
  • Medical Examination
  • Resident permit application forms
  • Resident Permit national stamps
Please note that students will be given time to prepare for this process (up to a month after arrival), however as Rocapply we advice students to travel with the funds to process their Student permit as soon as they arrive.

Extending the Study-Visa once in North-Cyprus

Students will be required to submit their enrollment documents to extend the student visa on yearly basis.Some students have the possibility to extend for more than a year, however, please check with your respective university concerning the procedure and if your residence status allows you to extend for more than a year.

How to extend a passport with my student Visa

For each and every country there are different processes to extend passports of which RocApply advises students to consult with their respective embassies concerning the process and travel only with a valid passport for at least one year.

Whats Next Now that you have the acceptance letter?

Step 1: Pay the tuition fees on the Acceptance letter( Please be very careful with the bank names and account)

Step 2: Send RocApply together with the university the receipts of the payment through email

Step 3: University tracks the bank transaction and confirms the payment after 8 working days

Step 4: University and RocApply will send you a letter confirming the payment which will be needed at the visa offices

Step 5: Prepare the following documents (Remember you do not need to actually buy the air-ticket but you can only reserve and get an itinerary it incase you need to change the dates)

Step 6: Go to the Turkish Embassy and submit the documents once the university confirms the payment

How About Accommodation?

Regarding accommodation, we recommend staying on campus the first year and we will notify the university to reserve you a room as soon as you pay tuition fees. The rent for the room should be around 150 to 200 dollars per month but you only need to pay it when you are there in North Cyprus and the university will also show you many options for accommodation but please be sure before you choose, take a day to really evaluate. The university will give you more than 2-3 days to stay in their dorms for free before you decide which room you would like to take or pay for for the rest of the semester.

Who will pick me up at the Airport? 

Once you have confirmed your arrival date in North Cyprus please send the university and RocApply an email with your air ticket information so that the university driver can pick you up at the airport. The driver will be carrying a board with the name of the university, just approaching and he/she will have your name on the list. The driver will take you directly to the university. 

Please note that you do not need to pay for transportation from the Airport to the university on your first arrival date provided you let the university know of your arrival date because they will pick you up and drive you to the university for free and provide with accommodation to sleep.

North Cyprus Visitors Visa

For parents wanting to visit their children studying in Cyprus securing a visa is relatively easy considering that Cyprus in a tourism-dominated economy.

Further Assistance

If you are still looking for the right university and affordable programs in North Cyprus visit our Study in Cyprus Page.

If you have any questions, want to consult or need help with preparation for visa application please contact RocApply. 
Email: [email protected] 
WhatsApp: 004915730113756

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