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Ataturk Teacher Training Academy

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Offered Programs

Ataturk Education College offers two bachelor's degree programs and one master's degree program. Students are admitted through entrance examinations and interviews conducted by the University and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Students received bachelor's degree training in elementary school or early childhood education. Only graduates of these courses can work in public elementary schools and preschools.

Only educated teachers can work in public secondary education institutions. The college also offers a master's degree in education for those who do not have qualification requirements.


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Tuition and Scholarships at Ataturk Teacher Training Academy

In addition to its affordable academic fees, AUC also offers scholarships and discounts to international students enrolled in a degree program at the university.

For new students, additional fees are comprising which include the application fee, registration fee, and student activity fee, paid at the start of a new academic year.

International students can pay their fees directly to the university in Euros or Dollars through the account information that will be provided to the student in the course of their application

The general overview of fees per year at AUC are as follows;

Fees in Euro (€)

Tuition Fee: €3,000

Application Fee: €50

Student Activity Fee: €250

Registration Fee: €262

Fees in USD ($)

Tuition Fee: $3,100

Application Fee: $60

Student Activity Fee: $260

Registration Fee: $273

Please note the above fees are subject to change due to currency rates in the market, please do contact us on the exact fee details during your application and as it applies to you.


In addition to the courses offered by AUC in cooperation with Girne American University (GAU) during the 2020-2021 academic year, AUC currently offers its international students 50% scholarships for all associate, undergraduate, and graduate degree courses.

AUC also awards 75% to 100% scholarships to its international students which typically lasts for the full duration of their programs.

Cost of living at Ataturk Teacher Training Academy

200 - 300 Euro / month
200 Euro / month
Cost of living
85 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Ataturk Teacher Training Academy

Founded in 1937 Teaching Staff: 20+

Academic Training: Pedagogic Learning

Address: Ismail Beyoglu Caddesi, Kucuk Kaymakli, Nicosia- TRNC Undergraduate programs: 2+ International Representation: Students from over 1+ countries

Type: Public Teacher Training Institution

Department: 5 Language(s) of Instruction:Turkish.
Location: Lefkosa, Northern Cyprus Scholarships: Not Available  Graduate Programs : 1

Our institution, affiliated with the TRNC Ministry of Education and Culture, trains classroom teachers and pre-school teachers for primary education with a 4-year program.

Also, she successfully continues the Secondary Education Field Teaching Master's Program without a Thesis for university graduates.

Ataturk Teachers Academy, which is committed to educating the future generations of the TRNC as contemporary, democratic, loyal to its own culture, as interested and affectionate for science, arts, and sports, is the oldest teacher training institution of the Turkish Cypriots in higher education. It always maintains its historical importance.

Atatürk Teachers Academy is a member of IUSRC (International Universities Search and Rescue Council). 

The Academy, whose seeds were sown as a Teachers College in 1937, and currently maintaining its mission as the Atatürk Teachers Academy with great success, the Academy not only educates teachers for primary and preschool levels but also introduces university graduates who want to have a teaching certificate to the teaching profession.

With an independent campus approach, the Academy, which focuses on training teachers and specializes in this field, aims to provide the highest quality education and training services to a small and selected student population.

Food at Ataturk Teacher Training Academy

Living costs in Northern Cyprus are not quite expensive, students on the island spend averagely $250 to $500 on a monthly basis, depending on their personal lifestyle or habits.

Accommodation, feeding, and transportation are major expenditures every month. Eating out costs about $7 to $12 for a standard meal at any fast food restaurant in the city. Upscale restaurants are a bit pricey but very wholesome.

Present on-campus are several cafeterias and canteens that cater to student and staff needs during lecture hours and many of the university’s dormitory facilities have cafeterias that serve a variety of meals to students at different times for the whole day. 

About Lefkosia/Nicosia

Nicosia, or Lefkosa (the local Turkish Cypriots call it), is the capital and largest city of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It is located in the Mesaoria Plain in the center of the island, 35°10' north latitude and 33°21' east longitude.

This geographical location determines the fate of Lefkosa as the economic, political, and cultural center of the island. The government headquarters and foreign representatives are located in Nicosia. It is also home to the offices of the United Nations and the European Commission.

Although Lefkosa is a relatively small city, it brings together people from different countries. Its population is approximately 84,900 (according to the 2006 census). Most of them are local Cypriots and Turks who immigrated from the mainland after the events of 1974.

Lefkosa is currently the only divided capital in the world. Its north (Turkey) and south (Greece) are separated by a green line, which is a demilitarized zone supported by the United Nations.

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