Study in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is one of the most sought-after countries for higher education thanks to universities such as Cyprus International University, Near East University and Eastern Mediterranean University, to name just a few.

Universities in North Cyprus offer multiple Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Medicine, Economics, Business Administration, Hotel Management, Tourism, Event Management, Marketing, Communications, Social Media, Mathematics, Humanities, and Education Sciences. Universities in Cyprus also offer exchange programs with European and US universities.

North Cyprus universities offer an international scene, with students from North America, Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, and Australia. Countries such as China, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Singapore represent the bulk of the students from Asia in North Cyprus, whereas, regarding African countries, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana are highly represented.

As of 2016 a total of 63,000 students were enrolled in North Cyprus universities, of whom only 13,000— about twenty percent—were Turkish Cypriots. The additional 35,000 were from Turkey as well as 15,000 international students, although those numbers continue to grow.

English is widely used in North Cyprus and you can survive without having to learn Turkish, but all universities offer free Turkish lessons.

Tuition fees are affordable and living expenses moderate, especially in comparison to most of Europe. Tuition fees are dependent upon courses and the respective university.

Students in North Cyprus

About North Cyprus

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a self-declared state that makes up the northern part of the island of Cyprus, the other part being South Cyprus. North Cyprus is culturally Turkish whereas South Cyprus is Greek.

Northern Cyprus is considered by the international community as occupied territory of the Republic of Cyprus. The official language is Turkish, English being a widely spoken second language, considering the sizeable number of expatriates from the UK and Germany.

The country of North Cyprus is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, the closest neighbors being Turkey, South Cyprus, Lebanon, Greece, Egypt, Israel and Syria.

The history of the island of Cyprus precedes it, taking into consideration the political squabbles between the northern and southern parts of the island. However, the ideal, warm summer climate makes the island of Cyprus one of the most visited islands worldwide.

Unlike the Greek part of Cyprus which was negatively affected by the Greek financial crisis, North Cyprus was not caught up in that crisis considering that it not only has a different government but has a totally different financial system with the Turkish Lira ( Turk Lirasi, TL) being the official currency. All major credit cards such as Visa, Express and Master card are widely accepted, as well as other currencies like US Dollars and Euros. The nation of Turkey plays a key role in keeping the North Cyprus economy afloat by contributing a substantial amount of money to their budget.

Be it for studies or just a simple summer visit, North Cyprus offers a number of laid-back beaches, rich archaeological sites, medieval castles, historic ruins and amazing natural scenery which are all a recipe for a healthy, relaxed, fun time.

The fact that the island of North Cyprus enjoys over 300 days of uninterrupted sunshine, clear blue seas, the beauty of an unspoiled landscape and uncrowded beaches is the reason why its one of the favourite destinations for retired foreign citizens from the Netherlands, the UK, Greece, Russia and Germany.

About North Cyprus Economy

North Cyprus is a tourism-dependent country. Therefore most part-time jobs for students revolve around serving in restaurants, hotels and casinos. However, a selected few get to work as lecturers, work in travel agencies, car rental companies, call centres and more. Most of the students are doing these part-time jobs to fund just their daily expenses Read more ...

The Turkish Lira is the official currency of North Cyprus but US Dollars and Euros are also acceptable in different places. Nevertheless, there are a lot of foreign currency exchange counters all over North Cyprus.

Sending money from or to North Cyprus is very easy. International bank transfers are allowed but they usually take 3-4 days.

The most famous and fastest way of moving money from and to North Cyprus is through Western Union and Moneygram, since its instant, but obviously comes at a cost compared to international bank transfers.

There are a number of international banks including but not limited to HSBC, ING, Garanti Bank, TEB, Isbank, Ziraat, Halk Bank, Groupoma and AXA.

Why Study in North Cyprus

Affordable Tuition Fees in North Cyprus
Affordable Tuition Fees

Compared to other respected universities around Europe such as Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and the UK, tuition fees for studying in Cyprus are considerably more affordable.

Semester tuition fees range from 700.00 to 6000.00 euros depending on the program of interest. North Cyprus has a mixture of both private and State universities.

Most universities also offer mixed packages, which include meals and accommodation at a discounted rate.

Affordable Accomodation in North Cyprus
Affordable Accommodation 

Accommodation is highly affordable, usually costing between 80 - 130 Euro per month for a room in an off or on-campus shared apartment.

With more students flocking to North Cyprus it's important to organize accommodation before arrival in order to avoid problem scenarios.

Universities usually offer new students priority in on-campus accommodation however it is often that students are asked by the universities to pay accommodation fees for the whole year.

International Environment in North Cyprus
International Exposure 

With more than 90 flights per week to North Cyprus, it is a stone's throw away from UK, Germany and other European nations. For those considering a future career in Europe, it is a prime spot to start.

Some graduates continue to pursue education or start working in other European countries.

Depending on what you have in mind North Cyprus is a step in the right direction for most students, it offers opportunities which most nations do not.

Great Weather in North Cyprus

Cyprus has one of the most beautiful climates you could ever ask for, making it a premier tourist destination for people from all over the world.

The most breathtaking piece of natural beauty found in North Cyprus is the beach. The beaches are free and easily accessible by car, public transit, or foot.

Regardless of the city you are staying in or visiting it is very common to partake in water sports, cycling or hiking around North Cyprus.


Universities in North Cyprus offer scholarships depending on academic performance. Students who display academic excellence are awarded scholarships of typically 50%, which are renewed per semester depending on consistency in outstanding grades.

State-run universities such as Eastern Mediterranean University usually offer 50% scholarships throughout the program for international students from certain countries.

RocApply helps students secure scholarships after admission.

North Cyprus Student Visa

International students from non-EU countries must possess a student visa to be granted entry into North Cyprus and student visas are issued only to full-time international students.

The Turkish embassy in most countries is the official embassy for Northern Cyprus visa documents submission and processing.

For more information about the visa process and requirements please make sure to read through our Visa page.

Please be aware that the visa process can take up to 3 months, depending on the embassy in your country. You find the Turkish embassy for your country here.