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Girne American University

Number of students
670€ - 4252€
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January 25, September 26
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GAU is an excellent private institution of learning in Northern Cyprus with international standards and modern teaching methods with a dedicated academic staff of local and foreign-trained professionals.

The university offers one of the best quality of education similar to what obtains in countries and the United States at a very affordable price range.

The university offers a diversified range of programs ranging from Bachelor, Masters, and Ph.D. just to name a few. The annual tuition fee for all international students studying in Bachelor or undergraduate programs in GAU ranges from € 4,500 to €6,000 per academic year.

To be precise undergraduate tuition fees are as follows; Faculty of Law €6,000 (per academic year) Faculty of Engineering €5,500 (per academic year) Faculty of Architecture, Design & Fine Arts €5,500 (per academic year). All other Faculties €5,000 (per academic year)

All other Schools (including Vocational School) pay €4,500 (per academic year. Master’s program tuition fee is typically €6,500 for the entire program and the tuition for Ph.D. programs stands at €8,000 for the entire program.


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Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree

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Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate

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Girne American University in Rankings

  • Ranked 5th in the Whole of Cyprus.
  • Ranked 3947th in the World.
  • Best 100 Higher Education Provider Universities 2020 (Eduniversal Rankings)
  • Ranked 6th Top University in Cyprus

Tuition and Scholarships at Girne American University

All international students that have been accepted and enrolled in one of GAU’s undergraduate and post-graduate programs receive a 50% tuition scholarship from the university for the whole duration of their studies.

The university designed this scholarship to better strengthen its international reputation and further amplify its position as an international school of learning.

Additionally, every year the university rewards exceptional students with a competitive scholarship towards their programs which ranges 75% to 100% tuition waivers added to their already existing 50% scholarship.

The university also provides its students with other avenues to receive funding towards their education via the following ways;

Honors Scholarship:

GAU students who perform well in their first year in the university with a CGPA of 3.5 or higher are eligible to receive additional scholarships on their tuition in the following year and the remainder of their study duration provided that they maintain their high grades.

Work and Study Scholarship:

GAU masters and Ph.D. students are eligible to work on campus in many dimensions, subsequently, they receive a scholarship on their tuition by working for the university.

Sports/Athletes Scholarship:

GAU has an excellent devotion to sports and athletics with many sports teams that represent the university in many sports competitions both locally and internationally.

Students with a great level of skills in sports and athletics and can represent the university in many sporting activities receive full-ride tuition for the entire duration of their academic programs.

Cost of living at Girne American University

200 - 300 Euro / month
70 Euro / month
Cost of living
85 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Girne American University

Founded in 1985 Faculty: 11 Student population: 20,000
Situated in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus School: 8 Academic members. 1,000+
Category: Non-profit Research centers: 2
International representation: Students from 135 countries worldwide
Campus: Urban Language of instruction: English Ranking:
Acronym: GAU Programs: 114 programs in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels
Best 100 Higher Education Provider Universities 2020 (Eduniversal Rankings)
Tuition (avg.): €3,200 Scholarship Opportunities: Available Ranked 6th Top University in Cyprus

Your education at Girne American University would be an all in life experience where you do not only gain academic advancement, but also social skills and an international perspective.

Founded in 1985 as a private institution of learning, the university is now the most accredited university in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkey and globally recognized.

In just 35 years, GAU now has a modern campus with 20,000 students from over 130 countries around the world.

GAU is a cosmopolitan university with campuses in three continents and international student profiles, which provides the opportunity to learn the English language with native fluency.

GAU is the first university in TRNC to be accredited by the EQUALS and YODAK and an international academic and administrative staff unit from over 35 different countries globally.

Additionally, the academic staff at the university encourages students to play an active role in peer to peer communication projects with a hands-on approach to teaching and learning.

GAU provides smart buildings equipped with the latest technology, laboratories with the newest software and equipment, and accessibility to databases and cloud computing.

There are 11 faculties, 8 schools, 2 research centers, a graduate institute, and over 100 programs in bachelor's, masters, and Ph.D. levels respectively.

Many of the programs taught at the university have applied courses that encourage on-site learning or practical education, setting them apart from many of the universities in Cyprus.

As an international university, GAU offers scholarships and many opportunities to foreign students, similarly, the university has many partnerships and affiliations with many global institutions and organizations across the globe.

GAU has signed protocols with over 150 reputable universities worldwide. Girne American University is also the leading university in aviation offering world-standard aviation education that can rival some of the best aviation schools anywhere else.

The university also has international maritime education with the standards of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) by means of the latest technology and methods that the school provides as a natant university.

Apply to Girne American University on RocApply today and become an active part of a budding community where individuals that can think, interrogate, and participate are brought up, and learn not to be passive in life but to shape the future.

Student Services at GAU

All the necessary possibilities for university student life is available on GAU’s campus, maximum luxury is guaranteed with fully equipped classrooms, libraries, sports facilities, cafeterias, and a private beach for GAU’s students.

The university is situated in a prime location in the beautiful city of Kyrenia, with easy access to everything including the main city center.

The school boasts of an evergreen campus where students occasionally take breaks or even hold classes outdoors.

The social life on campus is very active and interactive, students can participate in the very many vibrant multi-cultural activities organized by the university every year.

In the area of academics, GAU lecturers are outstanding, interesting, and there is an easy interaction and communication between lecturer and student, this way students have access to their advisors, and learning is more adequate.

What makes GAU Impressive

International University

The students are made up of individuals from different cultural backgrounds such as America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

GAU students come from over 100 countries globally and different cultures are represented on campus, the ınternational environment ensures that students interact with different people from different places and gain an international perspective on matters.

The university also has affiliations and accreditations from globally respected bodies and institutions, fostering cultural exchange both on-campus and off-campus.

GAU has campuses in 3 other countries with a fully-functioning modern campus built with the same quality and educational standards as the main campus in Northern Cyprus.

Excellent Academic Staff

The teaching staff at GAU is a mixture of professors, doctors, and corporate professionals with a respectable international background.

GAU’s academic staff are very dedicated and well-trained, with experience from some of the worlds leading universities and organizations.

On a regular basis, guest lecturers fly in from different institutions around the world to lecture students or give talks in any of the many seminars and symposiums that the university organizes every year.

As the university has international academicians, students can learn about other cultures and have a different point of view.

Quality Yet Affordable Education

Compared to respective universities around Europe, Girne American University tuition fees are considered affordable taking into consideration the quality of education that they provide, the many opportunities both within and outside the campus, and the number of scholarships given to students.

GAU’s offers a unique learning atmosphere that is all-encompassing at a very affordable price, the university continues to operate as a non-profit establishment committed to delivering top-tier education to individuals from all parts of the world without the pressure of excessive tuition fees.

Modern Infrastructure

The university has invested a lot of on technological infrastructure to compliment the needs of both the teaching staff and the students which have set them apart from many of the universities in the region.

GAU’s modern campus is designed to accommodate and promote all the growing technological changes of the modern world, the university is shaped to standards and continues to foster advancements and futuristic endeavors both in its outlook and its teaching methods.

GAU laboratories have the latest equipment for medicine, architecture, pharmacy, nursing, and more. Art installations and workshops are designed to specificity and other media and joırnalism fixtures are in line with the times.

RocApply Services to help GAU students

Our recently launched airport pick up service is very effective and stellar, treating students to an executive reception as they arrive in their new study-abroad destination. Students and their properties are safely transported to their university campus or any other external home arrangements. We also assist with registration, payment of other fees, and subsequent integration into their new environments.

Our bank account services are also in place to help students obtain borderless bank accounts that enable them to receive money from anywhere in the world in any currency. Contact our on-hand team of experts for all questions and inquiries.

* € = European Euro

Why Study at Girne American University

International study environement

The students are made up of individuals from different cultural backgrounds such as America, Europe, Asia and Africa.The university has accreditation from globally respected bodies and institutions.

Affordable Education

Compared to respective universities around Europe Girne American university tuition fees is considered affordable taking into considering the quality of education and the number of scholarships given to students.

Competent Stuff

The teaching staff is a mixture of professors, Doctors, and managers from respectable international cooperations.On a regular basis, guest lectures fly in from different institutions around the world for lectures.

Modern Infrastructure

The university has invested a lot of on technological infrastructure to compliment the needs of both the teaching staff and the students.The GAU laboratories have the latest equipment for medical, architecture, pharmacy and more.

Accommodation Girne American University

On Campus Accomodation at Girne American University

Accommodation in North Cyprus' Girne American University costs between 160 Euro and 280 Euro per month on-campus, however, students can find cheaper accommodation off-campus.

GAU has three impressive on-campus accommodation buildings for students all within easy reach of the campus as well as the city center on foot.

The dormitory facilities at GAU serve as a home away from home, full accessibility is provided in safe campus lodgings for students' luxury.

The rooms are Air-conditioned with bathroom, refrigerator, microwave, beds, table & chairs, wardrobe, TV and a telephone.

GAU dorms also have 24 hours of hot water, room cleaning services, and laundry services as well.

The fully furnished apartments are fully equipped with the necessary equipment to make the rooms homely and most importantly have high-security standards.

There is an all-inclusive package program which includes tuition fees, dormitory fee, and three square meals per day.

Students can stay in single or double rooms, all local and international students live together in the dormitories, and students easily foster friendships and intercultural relationships thanks to this living arrangement. The residence has a garden and is also 100 meters away from classrooms.

Off Campus Accomodation at Girne American University

The city of Kyrenia/Girne has been tremendously growing over the past couple of years, meaning a lot more off-campus accommodations have been constructed.

Houses in the area cost averagely $200 to $550 depending on the building type or its closeness to the city center, payments are accepted for 6 months or 12-months rent.

Renting an apartment means students will bear the cost of utilities such as electricity, water, internet, and cable except they come inclusive of the rent.

Student sharing is very common in student communities where students contribute their resources and rent an apartment, splitting all the bills from the rent to the utilities.

The prices of private accommodation vary but it is that recommended for new students to secure on-campus accommodation since they are given priority.

For student families, throughout the Island of North Cyprus, Girne is the easiest city to secure accommodation may it be a hotel, a hostel, or an Airbnb.

Just like in any other city the price of the hotels varies depending on when you book hence its recommended to book early.

RocApply helps all our students with accommodation services both on and off-campus in  Northern Cyprus. With a high priority for our students, we ensure that they get standard student housing tailored to their needs and their budget.

Our accommodation partners are littered across the city of Kyrenia offering premium housing and facilities for our students. Take advantage of our seamless online application process and get into the program of your choice at Girne American University.

We are offering a one-stop platform for all your university applications, visa, scholarships, housing, and transportation needs on the beautiful island of Northern Cyprus.

Sports at Girne American University

The university has different sports clubs for its students as well as the adequate infrastructure to support these activities including soccer, volleyball, basketball, track and field, and more.

The city of Girne/Kyrenia has a number of competitive private sports clubs in which students can also join and compete.

Sports and extracurricular activities are taken very seriously at the university, GAU sports champions and athletes have gone on to represent the university at the state and international levels with great success.

The university has a fully-functioning modern gym for students who wish to work out and exercise or for aerobics and yoga.

Sports clubs at the university have managed to reached national recognition and more and more clubs continue to open up.

The university also rewards its students who participate in sporting activities with scholarships and tuition waivers towards their education.

Food at Girne American University

The university has its own canteen which serves different dishes, students have the option to pay a yearly fee or simply pay as per meal which is, however, more costly.

GAU has several restaurants, cafes, and cafeterias that serve both students and staff during the day, these cafeterias offer premium dishes and full entrees at any location on campus.

They also function as a relaxation spot and breakpoints for students in between their lectures. Different meal options and snacks are available to cater to any student's dietary needs on campus and in the dormitories.

Also, students have a wide range of restaurants to choose from since Girne/Kyrenia is the hub for restaurants and cafes in North Cyprus

Transportation at Girne American University

GAU provides free transportation for its students via a shuttle service that operates hourly from the university campus to different parts of the city and other neighboring cities as well. These buses are modern and well serviced to accommodate even students with special needs, likewise, these shuttle services are timely and effective.

Moving around the city is also very seamless as there are local buses that move along the university’s campus area to different parts of town so that students who wish to travel further and explore the city are not left for options.

The Girne American University buses get students for free around the city as well as a couple of times during the day to different cities around the Island such as in Nicosia, Lefke, and Famagusta. The buses are also available to transport students to and from the airport.

About Girne/Kyrenia

Girne/Kyrenia is the most vibrant city in Northern Cyprus, its located close to the harbor and hence surrounded by water. The city has one of the most amazing bars, clubs, and restaurants in the whole of North Cyprus.

Girne has a population of over 21,000 people and one of the best climate conditions in summer. People get to do a lot of water sports in Girne and boat tours cost between €20 to €40 per person, however, cheaper as a group.

The scenery is great for relaxation and often students visit the city center just to walk around. Kyrenia is the most favorable city for tourists and hence it is flooded with impressive hotels and shops. The primary or most used language in the city is English.

The city is also situated close to a historic castle which attracts a number of tourists from all over the place. Compared to other cities life is faster in Kyrenia, however, accommodation is also a bit expensive.

Girne has the best transport system within North Cyprus, buses and taxis are always readily available.

In winter the city is less lively and usually less populated. Just like other cities in Cyprus, there are a number of Casinos and betting houses around the city which are hunting grounds for student jobs especially during the summer when tourists troop into the city in droves.

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