Eastern Mediterranean University

Ostmediterrane Universität/EMU

Eastern Mediterranean University

Number of students
1360€ - 8015€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
February 11, August 31
Application Deadline
Student - staff ratio
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Offered Programs

As one of the leading universities in Northern Cyprus, EMU continues to reward talent, drive, academic performance, skill, and possibility. The university puts out career-driven professionals year after year and still presents several opportunities for upcoming students.

EMU aims to provide top tier knowledge and tools to individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life. The tuition fee structure for foreign students at EMU depends on the faculty and program, however, student fees are very transparent and tuition fee payment is very straightforward.

Student fees are paid in US Dollars ($) and are very affordable for the exceptional standards that EMU provides. 

Typically, an overview of the annual tuition fee for international students in EMU are as follows;

Level Without Scholarship With Scholarship
Bachelor Programs $8,569 to $20,161 $4,484 to $8,066
Graduate Programs (per course) $1,167 $583
Postgraduate Programs (per course) $1,297 $1,297

*All international students are given a 50% scholarship

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Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree

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Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree

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Application Requirements for Phds:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Master's Degree

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Eastern Mediterranean University in Rankings

  • Ranked 1st in the Whole of Cyprus.
  • Ranked 1521st in the World.
  • 801-1000 World Best University Rankings 2020 (Times Higher Education)
  • 401-600 Impact Rankings 2020 (Times Higher Education)
  • 501-600 Subjects in Engineering and Technology 2020 (Times Higher Education)
  • 601-800 Subjects in Physical Sciences 2020 (Times Higher Education)

Tuition and Scholarships at Eastern Mediterranean University

EMU offers a 50% scholarship to all its international students enrolled in the university as a means of promoting diversity and increasing its international visibility. This scholarship covers about half of their tuition and is offered to all foreign students along with their acceptance.

EMU also offers merit-based scholarships to international students in programs like Medicine and Pharmacy, this scholarship is reserved for high-standing students who show exceptional academic skills within their first year of studies at the university.

As a way to contribute to the global society, EMU offers tuition-free scholarships to international students who have shown or continue to show exceptional academic abilities at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Other scholarships available at the university include but are not limited to sports grants for athletes who have exceptional skills and abilities in different kinds of sports.

There are student assistantships and research assistantships for graduate and postgraduate students where they receive full-tuition scholarships and a monthly stipend towards their living expenses.

There are also tuition waivers given to certain students under the university’s discretion, likewise, there are tuition fee discounts for siblings and students with disabilities.

Cost of living at Eastern Mediterranean University

180 - 250 Euro / month
65 Euro / month
Cost of living
75 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Eastern Mediterranean University

Started in 1979 Schools: 6 Faculty: 12
Acronym: EMU, DAU (Turkish) Language of Instruction: Turkish and English 801-1000 World Best University Rankings 2020 (Times Higher Education)
Category: State-owned Programs: Over 140 programs in Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. levels 401-600 Impact Rankings 2020 (Times Higher Education)
Campus: Modern Scholarship Opportunities: Available 501-600 Subjects in Engineering and Technology 2020 (Times Higher Education)
Location: Famagusta/Gazimağusa, North Cyprus International representation. Foreign students from about 106 countries globally 601-800 Subjects in Physical Sciences 2020 (Times Higher Education)
Tuition (avg.): $2,400 Academic staff: 1,100 Student population: 20,000+

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) is located in the middle of the historical town of Famagusta and is the flagship institution of North Cyprus. Built on a sprawling 2,200 acres, the university is a walking distance to the city center.

EMU offers students from around the world the chance to obtain a high-class education in a student-friendly environment.

The university welcomes over 20,000 students from over 100 countries and employs over 1,000 highly qualified academics from over 35 different countries.

EMU’s multicultural campus encourages students to broaden their cross-cultural horizons both in the classroom and in various activities that are organized on and off-campus

EMU distinguishes itself from other universities in the region by having the quality of education that is endorsed by renowned international educational bodies such as UNESCO, European Universities Association (EUA), ABET, AACSB, and tedQual, thus students earn a diploma that is recognized all over the world.

Since 1993, EMU has engaged in collaboration projects with reputed universities and institutions from around the world.

The university also gives its students the chance to participate in exchange programs with universities in Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia.

For more than 10 years the university conducted joint summer school programs with notable institutions in Russia, Germany, Turkey, and the United States.

The university aims to expose students to a wide range of disciplines before they graduate and have the chance to study over 100 programs that are taught in English across all its 12 faculties. 

The university offers different programs at bachelor, masters, and Ph.D. levels with one of the best standards around the region.

Over the years, EMU has been able to foster an inclusive environment for all its students and staff such that there is an open door policy between students with academic or administrative staff.

EMU promises a world-class, high-quality education and an active campus life in one of the safest cities in the world.

Eastern Mediterranean University Address:

  • Eastern Mediterranean University/ İsmet İnönü Bulvarı,
  • 99628, Famagusta, Gazimağusa
  • North Cyprus via Mersin 10 Turkey

Eastern Mediterranean University Student Life

EMU is more of a community than a conventional university, every single individual matter at the university and social interactions are not restricted to the classroom alone.

The student experience at EMU is wholesome and well-rounded, students are mentored academically, socially, psychologically, and career-wise.

Students at the university enjoy a welcome policy on campus that fosters inclusivity and uniqueness. This close contact allows them to solve their problems and to seek guidance whenever they need it.

EMU Library is one of the largest in the Meditteranean region and houses a wide collection of books and periodicals on a wide range of subjects.

Students have easy access to online library resources by logging on to the internet from any computer terminal or wireless internet outlets on campus.

At EMU, extracurricular activities and personal development are just as important as academic success.

EMU student clubs and associations are run on a professional basis by EMU students themselves with the support of the university administration.

They organize a wide range of activities throughout the year which includes, week-long series, good food, music entertainment, events, and fun for both students, international guests, and the local community.

EMU Media Center houses EMU Radio, and Television and also publishes the university newspaper, the center gives students the chance to have real-time experience in the media sector.

All students and staff can make use of the on-campus medical services at the health center free of charge.

At EMU, all international students are welcomed by the EMU international center, the center aims to help with the integration of international students to life in North Cyprus.

The university’s multi-lingual staff are there to help with any inquiry or challenges students may face before their arrival and throughout their education in the school.

The international center is also responsible for all international student societies, student elections, and all international cultural activities on and off-campus.

Quality of Education at Eastern Mediterranean University

EMU seeks to connect highly passionate and motivated individuals from all spheres of the world coming together to develop lifelong knowledge and influence the future positively.

The university has upheld its standards in education and research and has been featured in most of the leading developments in education, science, and technology, in the region.

The university prides itself as a technology-driven institution of global shapers and world leaders. Choose EMU today and be part of a tenacious community of dream chasers.

Affordable Education at Eastern Mediterranean University

The cost of education in EMU is very favorable compared to the very high standard that is offered. In addition to this, the university has scholarships, tuition waivers, and discounts that further reduce the cost of education.

All international students at EMU receive scholarships that cover 50 % of their tuition fees.100% scholarships are also offered on merit to students with outstanding academic achievement.

Modern Infrastructure at Eastern Mediterranean University

Eastern Mediterranean University is the largest state university in the whole of North Cyprus and offers a highly developed infrastructure to supplement its outstanding academic staff members.

The university campus is modern and unique spread over a wide expanse of land with a very contemporary atmosphere. Students benefit from the multi-dynamic ambiance that EMU’s campus exudes.

International Study Environment at Eastern Mediterranean University

EMU has successfully grown into a multicultural study environment from individuals from more than 100 countries. There is an active and vibrant student community that is uniquely defined and inclusive for all.

EMU is a full member of the International Association of Universities, the European University Association, and Community of Mediterranean Universities, maintain the university as a globally recognized institution of learning and research.

Competent Lecturers at Eastern Mediterranean University

Eastern Mediterranean University has more than 80 academics from 13 different countries who are offering quality education to its respectable students.

Academic staff at the university are experts professionally and have obtained their degrees at some of the best and most revered institutions in the world.

Advisors and teachers adopt a very hands-on approach to education and learning, they also utilize many modern and non-conventional methods of teaching to better enable student assimilation.

Why Study at Eastern Mediterranean University

International study environment

EMU is a full member of the International Association of Universities, the European University Association and Community of Mediterranean Universities.

Affordable Education

All international students at EMU receive scholarships that cover 50 % of their tuition fees.100% scholarships are also offered on merit to students with outstanding academic achievement.

Modern Infrastructure

Eastern Mediterranean University is the largest state university in the whole of North Cyprus and offers a highly developed infrastructure to supplement its outstanding academic staff members.

Competent Lecturers

Eastern Mediterranean University has more than 80 academics from 13 different countries who are offering quality education to its respectable students.

Accommodation Eastern Mediterranean University

On Campus Accomodation at Eastern Mediterranean University

Modern fully-equipped dormitories on EMU campus house more than 10,000 students and priority is given to new-comers.

Accommodation in North Cyprus' Eastern Mediterranean University costs between 160 Euro and 280 Euro per month on-campus, however, students can find cheaper accommodation off-campus.

EMU's has 15 on-campus dormitory complexes and can accommodate over 7500 students.

Although new students are given priority, it is important to reserve a room earlier. EMU offers fully furnished apartments with a lounge, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and a balcony.

Students are allowed to cook and prepare their meals or opt to eat in the canteen.

Off Campus Accomodation at Eastern Mediterranean University

Many students opt to live in private accommodations around Famagusta, where many homes offer student housing for rent at various standards and prices.

Students can rent studio flats, two-bedroom flats or three-bedroom flats at different parts of the city, or close to the university’s campus.

Houses in the area cost averagely $150 to $550 depending on the building type or its closeness to the city center, payments are accepted for 6 months or 12-months rent.

Renting an apartment means students will bear the cost of utilities such as electricity, water, internet, and cable except they come inclusive of the rent.

Student sharing is very common in student communities where students contribute their resources and rent an apartment, splitting all the bills from the rent to the utilities.

This is a great way to save money as the individual amount is very affordable for many students. 

Sports at Eastern Mediterranean University

The university has a sports complex which houses indoor basketball courts, squash courts, a gym, and a stadium that allows students to participate in several sports activities ranging from soccer to tennis and cricket.

Students can also participate in swimming, water sports, and scuba diving at the university-ran beach club which is a five minutes drive from the main campus and for the exclusive use for EMU students and staff.

 The students use sports facilities for the gym but the city also provides various options for the students who stay off-campus. The sports facilities are open until the late hours of the night, giving students a chance to wind down after long days in class.

There are possibilities to join teams or simply form clubs and compete against other clubs or other universities around North Cyprus. 

Food at Eastern Mediterranean University

Students have the option of cooking for themselves in dormitory kitchens or can eat at the university’s subsidized cafeterias.

Eastern Mediterranean University campus canteen offers different meals 3 times a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The dishes include but are not limited to meat, rice, pasta, potatoes, and vegetarian meals.

Students are offered different options for the canteen meals, for example, a yearly fee for all meals or a pay per meal basis.

Within the university campus, there are multiple restaurants where students can enjoy different dishes, and also there is a huge supermarket.

Transportation at Eastern Mediterranean University

Eastern Mediterranean University students and staff members can use the buses for free to travel around the city. The University bus travels through different routes around Famagusta stopping in all the bus stops to pick up students.

The shuttle service starts at 7:00 in the morning to 00:15 midnight. EMU Transportation Unit also collects new students from the airport or maritime ports and transport them directly to the EMU campus free and seamlessly.

Students can confirm the service times as they are very timely and buses move hourly with stops at specified bus stops within Famagusta. 

About Gazimagusa/Famagusta

North Cyprus is an island that sits at the crossroads of three continents with nine months of Mediterranean sunshine and people who are renowned for their generous hospitality.

The miles of its unique coastline and the natural and historical beauty of North Cyprus are hard to find anywhere else in the world, truly making it a corner of heaven touched by the earth.

The city of Famagusta is a fine example of European medieval architecture, with a wide variety of architectural monuments leftover from different civilizations. 

This city is spawling with international students thanks to the presence of the state university within the main city area. Magusa, Gazimagusa, or Famagusta is home to more than 40,000 people with impressive cultural treasures and beautiful sites for tourists and visitors to enjoy.

Primarily a student city and boasts of magnificent beaches, beautiful hotel resorts, and of having the oldest state university in North Cyprus. 

Magusa, Gazimagusa, or Famagusta, it's home to more than 40 00 people with impressive cultural treasures for tourists to enjoy. Primarily a student city and boasts of having the oldest state university in North Cyprus.

Gyms and other sports facilities are easily accessible from any part of the city even during mid-night. Its surrounded by impressive hotels and a number of amazing beaches with incredible water sports facilities.

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