Istanbul Technical University TRNC Education - Research Campus

Istanbul Technical University TRNC Education - Research Campus

Number of students
1644€ - 1660€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
January 24, August 20
Application Deadline
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

At RocApply, we cooperate with ITU- North Cyprus to invite international students to apply for undergraduate, graduate, and certificate courses offered by the university.

We will overcome the barriers to entry to the university of your choice. We develop flexible applications and study abroad to lay a solid foundation for the future you want

Undergraduate Requirements

Students with TR-TRNC nationality and international students have different entry requirements for ITU-TRNC undergraduate courses.

Students Accepted as Turkish and TRNC Nationals

  1.  Turkish and TRNC nationals residing in the Republic of Turkey are placed in universities by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM).
  2. The placement of Turkish nationals residing in the TRNC to universities is carried out by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM).
  3. TRNC students residing in the TRNC who have completed their secondary education in the TRNC and do not have GCE AL exam results are placed in universities by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM).

Students Admitted to Overseas Student Quota

  1. Foreign nationals,
  2. The  document states those who have obtained Turkish citizenship at birth and renounced Turkish citizenship and their children under the age of 18, but it records the rights mentioned in paragraph 7 of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, which stipulates: " Anyone born in Turkey or abroad and married to a Turkish mother or father is a Turkish citizen." will apply for admission quotas from abroad should examine the Turkish Citizenship Law.)

3. Foreign nationals with dual citizenship who later became Turkish citizens,

  • a. Among the Turkish national students who continued their secondary education abroad before 01/02/2013, those who completed the last three years of their secondary education (high school) in a foreign country except TRNC (including those who completed their secondary education (high school) in Turkish schools in a foreign country other than TRNC) You will be able to apply for external student admission quotas,
  • b. Candidates who have started their secondary education abroad after 01/02/2013 can apply to the admission quotas from abroad, who have completed their entire secondary education (high school) in a foreign country except for TRNC (including those who have completed their entire secondary education (high school) in Turkish schools in a foreign country except KKT),

4. Those who have TRNC nationality, reside in the TRNC and have completed their secondary education in the TRNC and have GCE AL exam results, and those who have or will have GCE AL exam results by enrolling and studying at colleges and high schools in other countries between 2005 and 2010.

Graduate Requirements

Documents required for application:

  • Two passport photos
  • Diplomas and transcripts showing the undergraduate courses and grades taken from all Higher Education Institutions graduated / will be. (transcripts must be signed and sealed)
  • English Proficiency Certificate for the English Program
  • Letter of Intent  (about the student's expectations from graduate education and the field in which the students wishes to major)
  • Reference Letter
  • Photocopy of identify card
  • CV (Resume)

Application Evaluation:

Applications are evaluated by the Program Executive Board and decide whether the application should be approved or rejected. The application result is sent to the e-mail address specified in the application.

Select your Degree

Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Proof of English Language knowledge: TOEFL(minimum score 75), IELTS (minimum band score 5.5), CEFR (minimum grade B2) or any other equivalent.

Select your field of study for Bachelors


Select your Bachelor program

Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelors Degree

Select your field of study for Masters


Select your Master program

Tuition and Scholarships at Istanbul Technical University TRNC Education - Research Campus

In ITU-NC, tuition fees vary according to the number of scholarships for registered courses and the year of registration.

The academic tuition must be paid on the date specified on the academic calendar, typically at the beginning of the new semester. If tuition fees are not paid before the due date, a late fee will be calculated based on the balance.

Tuition Fee Breakdown

Registration Status

Fall Term

Spring Tem


Turkish Citizens – Full Scholarship

1.500 TL


1.500 TL

Turkish Citizens – % 50 Scholarship

10.688 TL

9.188 TL

19.876 TL

Turkish Citizens – Non-Scholarship

19.875 TL

18.375 TL

38.250 TL





Registration Status

Fall Term

Spring Term


Foreign Students - Full Scholarship




Foreign Students - 50% Scholarship

1.969 USD

1.969 USD

3.938 USD

Foreign Students - Non-Scholarship

3.938 USD

3.938 USD

7.875 USD

 * Students who wish to register with foreign citizens must pay 1,500.00 Turkish Lira at the exchange rate of the TRNC Central Bank.


TL = Turkish Lira

USD = US Dollar

Graduate Tuition Fees

Students enrolled in the Master of Business Administration graduate program in English are required to pay 1,000 TL (Turkish Lira) per credit hour, and typically one course is 4 credits which means each course is 4,000 TL.

Scholarships at ITU-NC

 Presently, the university offers the following scholarships to its enrolled students;

Admission Scholarship

This scholarship is for newly admitted students into undergraduate programs at ITU-NC. Admission scholarships usually range from 50% to 100% tuition scholarships and the university operates on a quota system of allocation.

The present quota stands at 225, and more than 150 students are on 50%, 70%, and Full Tuition scholarships. The university aims to increase these figures as they expand, in keeping with a tradition of quality education that is also affordable.

Academic Achievement Scholarship

This scholarship is reserved for students with strong academic performance during their studies at ITU-NC. This scholarship is given completely on academic merit and students who attain CGPA’s of at least 3.50/4.00 are considered.

 ITU-TRNC Alumni Association Scholarship

This scholarship is for graduate students who have completed their degree programs and would like to pursue a graduate degree at the university. They receive a tuition waiver for the duration of their programs.

Very soon, ITU-NC hopes to offer other scholarships and rewards to its students as a means of fostering a healthy and inclusive student community.

Scholarships to come include;

Scholarships Planned to be granted:

• High Achievement Scholarship,

• Sports Scholarship,

• Dormitory Scholarship,

• Food Scholarship,

• Support Scholarship

Cost of living at Istanbul Technical University TRNC Education - Research Campus

200 - 300 Euro / month
200 Euro / month
Cost of living
85 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Istanbul Technical University TRNC Education - Research Campus

The ITU-TRNC campus is a young institution with a legal stance. Its foundation is the expansion of the Istanbul Technical University, which is a complete educational and research university with nearly 250 years of experience.

Like ITU, the ITU-TRNC campus was established as Mühendishane-Bahr-I Hümayun (Imperial Naval Engineering Center) in 1773 and began education by opening the Naval Architecture and Naval Engineering College.

On January 19, 2008, the Framework Protocol regarding the establishment of Education and Research Campuses (ITU-TRNC) of Istanbul Technical University in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was signed.

In the 2011-2012 academic year, the Foreign Languages Preparatory School started its activities. In 2012, infrastructure studies for Basic and Engineering Sciences courses and other undergraduate programs to be opened in the coming years started.

ITU-TRNC Yeni Erenköy Campus includes two valleys opening towards the northeast by the sea and two gulfs at the ends of them. The Campus, which is five minutes away from Yeni Erenköy center, consists mostly of forest land.

The mapping of the area where Yeni Erenköy Campus will be located, geological ground survey studies, strategic and urban planning projects have been completed.

In the Campus, which is planned with the principle of protecting the trees on the land, it is aimed to start the Rectorate building, administrative units, student center, cafeteria, bazaar, guest house, and 1st stage infrastructure project works. The Yeni Erenköy Campus, which is planned to have a capacity of approximately 7000 students, is considered to be the main campus.

Continuing Education Center

The ITU-TRNC Continuing Education Center (SEM) aims to provide communities, institutions, and organizations with various educational opportunities required by individuals and industries through its team of educators, thereby building a bridge between the university and the business world. Experts in their field, technical equipment, and modern physical structures.

The center shares information about continuous improvements and changes in science, technology, and industry with institutions and organizations to help people of all ages and fields accept the concept of "lifelong learning".

In addition to long-term and short-term training programs for individuals and companies, the center also provides programs, meetings, and seminars hosted by experienced personnel for those who are interested in entering the business world and improving their level.

All courses are designed to match theory and practice. At the end of the training, participants will be provided with participation documents or certificates according to the training content.

ITU-TRNC's university and research bachelor program plans are selected from maritime plans based on geographic location, regional and global requirements.

ITU North Cyprus has three undergraduate courses: Marine Engineering, Shipping Management Engineering, and Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering.



According to the TRNC laws; every student enrolling in higher education institutions is required to have health insurance. The scope of health services to be provided by the institutions affiliated to the TRNC Ministry of Health within the scope of this insurance is as follows:

  • Benefits from examination and diagnosis (Laboratory/X-ray) services in polyclinics in all hospitals affiliated to the Ministry, free of charge. However, advanced imaging (MRI / Tomography) medication and other preparations required for treatment are paid for by the student.
  • Benefits from free-of-charge dental extraction and filling services in dental polyclinics affiliated with the Ministry.
  • In all hospitals affiliated with the Ministry, students benefit from routine large and small operations, inpatient services in case of hospitalization, and medicines and other preparations required for treatment during the student stay free of charge.

Student Clubs and Activities

The purpose of creating student clubs is to support students' personal development and talents and to ensure that they can effectively use their free time for social and cultural activities. In addition to the clubs created within SKSM, cultural and artistic events are also organized.

Student clubs at ITU- NC include;

  1. Football team
  2. Basketball Team
  3. Video Game Club
  4. Ping Pong Club
  5. Nature Sports Club
  6. Conversation Club
  7. ITU Alumni Association Club
  8. Fitness club
  9. Marine Sports Club
  10. Music club

Why Study at Istanbul Technical University TRNC Education - Research Campus

Global University

Istanbul Technical University TRNC Education - Research Campus is expanding rapidly and garnering favorable repute on the international scene with more foreign students accepted every year. Students come from more than 30 countries globally across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The campus environment is multicultural and provides an international experience that is second to none.

Hands-on training

Students at Istanbul Technical University TRNC Education - Research Campus can testify to the attention to detail and the close system of education adopted by the university and its academic members. The university student to teacher ratio is very commendable as advisors and lecturers treat students on an individual basis, and classroom settings are very close-knitted for better knowledge assimilation.


Integrating many digital routes towards many facets of student life, like learning, development and, training.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The university has a keen focus on innovation, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, presently taking on practice-based teaching methods that promote independent thinking and entrepreneurship. Students learn how to survive in competitive spaces and gain real-time knowledge and experience that can be translated into the real world.

Accommodation Istanbul Technical University TRNC Education - Research Campus

On Campus Accomodation at Istanbul Technical University TRNC Education - Research Campus

The university does not have a hotel, and all students go through the process of choosing a hotel and registering. There is also a mansion/apartment in the area that students can rent at an affordable price. Students who wish to rent a house during their studies can pay the rent monthly or annually according to the agreement reached with the landlord

Off Campus Accomodation at Istanbul Technical University TRNC Education - Research Campus

There are private dormitories within walking distance of the campus. The Yenierenköy campus is in the project phase, 5 minutes from the center of Yenierenköy, and consists of two bays and most of the woodland.

Sports at Istanbul Technical University TRNC Education - Research Campus

On the campus, there is a student activity hall, fitness center, outdoor basketball, and volleyball court. SKSM organizes sports activities in order to protect and improve the physical health of students and employees and to ensure that students spend their extracurricular time efficiently.

Food at Istanbul Technical University TRNC Education - Research Campus

ITU-NC students can meet their food needs in the cafeteria on campus. The campus cafeteria provides basic meals and supplementary meals to suit the student's budget.

In addition, due to the location of the Famagusta campus, students can easily find the items they need in various shops, bazaars, and shopping centers inside and outside the city walls.

Transportation at Istanbul Technical University TRNC Education - Research Campus

The university provides free shuttle buses that transport students to and from the campus, both within the city and from other cities.

The buses operate a scheduled service at specified times every day. These service hours transport students from different bus stops within Girne, from the university-provided dormitories in Dikmen and from other cities like Lefkosa and D.Arapkoy.

Students can confirm the service times as they are very timely and buses move hourly with stops at specified bus stops.

About Famagusta

Northern Cyprus is an island in the territory of three continents. The ninth month of the Mediterranean recognizes people as guests.

The unique miles of its ocean cannot be found anywhere else in the world, as well as the beauty and history of northern Cyprus, making it part of a paradise earth.

The city of Famagusta is a model of European industry, with a wide range of uses from diverse civilizations. The city interacts with international students, thanks to local universities in the region.

Magusa, Gazimagusa, or Famagusta is a city of more than 4000 people, there are a wonderful economy and a beautiful place for tourists and tourists alike.

Famagusta is now a unique city of students with its array of universities and learning centers, with beautiful beaches, beautiful restaurants, and resorts, and the oldest state university in Northern Cyprus.

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