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University Of Kyrenia

Number of students
1030€ - 6300€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
January 31, September 25
Application Deadline
25 / 1
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

The University of Kyrenia was built as a maritime, air, and engineering university in 2013 and it is the first of its kind in Northern Cyprus. The university is poised to deliver excellent education at a very affordable price.

The cost of tuition at the university is one of its major attractions, providing high standards of learning for students from all walks of life. The tuition fee varies from program to program but there are also other measures in place by the university to ensure that students gain access to the best education, infrastructure, and experience at next to no cost at all.

Averagely, students can expect to pay between €2,800 and €4,300 per academic year for bachelor programs excluding programs like Medicine, Dentistry, and Pilotage which goes a little bit higher.

Also, postgraduate students can expect to pay €350 to €800 for each course in masters and Ph.D. levels, interestingly, the university has several scholarships and tuition discounts for international students.

The University of Kyrenia has 12 faculties, one applied to school, two vocational schools, the Foundation English program, two postgraduate programs, and one Ph.D. program. Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering are the most common courses offered in different programs.

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Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate

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Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree

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University Of Kyrenia in Rankings

  • Ranked 20th in the Whole of Cyprus.
  • Ranked 9749th in the world.
  • Ranks among the Top 20 universities in Cyprus

Tuition and Scholarships at University Of Kyrenia

International Students Scholarship

At the University of Kyrenia, all international students accepted into bachelor degree programs receive a 50% scholarship on their tuition for the entire duration of their programs.

Also, all international students accepted in postgraduate courses enjoy 25% off the payment per course along with other discounts on fees and payments.

The university provides this scholarship to further bolster their stance as an international community that is open to all. The country is also welcome to all foreign students, and the university upholds this mandate.

Sports and Athletic Scholarships

As an all-round university that is committed to the total student development, the university prioritizes sports and extracurriculars as a brilliant channel for student expression. They do not only provide the facilities but also reward exceptional students with tuition scholarships for the period that they are in school.

Active members of sports clubs and skilled athletes benefit from this scholarship and even go on to represent the university in several local and international sporting competitions.

Turkish Students Scholarships

The U of K reserves a special scholarship scheme designed for only citizens of the Republic of Turkey. Turkish students who just completed high school and choose the university via the ÖSYM process are eligible to receive this scholarship which runs for the full expanse of their programs.

The university administration solely determines the number of awardees and publishes this information through the ÖSYM yearly publications.

Receivers of this scholarship are expected to maintain good grades to keep their awards, a GPA of at least 2.0/4.0 every is required for the scholarship to continue running for the whole program.

Tuition Discount

The university offers special discounts on tuition fees for siblings and spouses of students who enroll in any program at UoK. These discounts range from 10% to 20% off of tuition and other academic fees for students in the majority of the programs available except for a few.

The university administration awards these discounts at their discretion under certain conditions, please contact us for further information.

Academic Scholarships

UoK rewards high-flying students who show exceptional academic progress during their programs, as well as providing scholarships and discounts to students with a high GPA after their first two semesters. This is done to encourage students to aim high and to also promote the academic standard that the institution represents.

Likewise, strong academic students who require financial aid or support are also prioritized by the university to help them complete their education and begin their journey to the future they desire.

Cost of living at University Of Kyrenia

200 - 300Euro / month
70 Euro / month
Cost of living
85 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About University Of Kyrenia

Turkish: Girne Üniversitesi Scholarships: Available Foundation and Bachelor Programs: 58
Founded: 2013 Faculty: 12 Postgraduate programs: 11
Located: Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus Vocational Schools: 3 Student-Teacher ratio: 25:1
Category: Private-owned Graduate Schools: 3 Research Center: 2
Tuition (avg.): €1,400 per academic semester and Ranks among the Top 20 universities in Cyprus International representation: More than 10,000 students from over 35 different countries
Academic Calendar: September (Fall), February (Spring), June (Summer)

The University of Kyrenia was started in 2013 as the 1st university with a branch focus on maritime, aviation, and engineering.

Formed as an annex of Near East University, with a little over 35 years as the department of maritime studies at the university, U of K quickly grew its name whilst upholding the same high standards that Near East is known for.

The university hit the ground rolling with ample infrastructures and experienced academic instructors with professional knowledge, and with a curriculum and system that is unrivaled in the entire region. This in part contributed to the fast growth and the future high projectory that the U of K symbolizes, its location in one of Northern Cyprus’ most historic and charming cities, Kyrenia, further increased the university’s outlook to elite standards.

The U of K is well accredited by local and international educational bodies across the globe, and all its programs meet international standards in many ways with the necessary endorsements and accreditations required.

Furthermore, students are taught in both English and Turkish with the former being more used than the latter.

Now the U of K has expanded to offer courses in 12 faculties, 3 vocational schools, 3 graduate schools, 2 research centers, and over 65 programs in the foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate levels respectively, and expanding as the year's progress.

The university continues to garner global acclaim owing to its effective efforts and channels in providing sustainable methods in education and the field of science.

The U of K continues to break boundaries and barriers with its heavy prominence in knowledge development, its many active research activities, and its presence in many ground-breaking publications in science and technology.

Today, the U of K has grown by immeasurable standards that are highly revered in the Mediterranean region and still looks to the future with many bright possibilities. Apply into one of the University of Kyrenia’s programs on RocApply, and begin your exciting journey into a world of many opportunities.

Student Resources at the University of Kyrenia

Every student at U of K enjoys and is enriched by a wide range of resources that the university continues to provide. There is a world-class library that is filled with educational materials, books, journals, papers, and so much more.

The library also houses a large collection of online materials and periodicals that can be accessed anywhere on the university campus.

NEU’s grand library is the largest and most comprehensive library in Cyprus and the Eastern Meditteranean region with over 150 million electronic and 800,000 printed sources, the library does not only offer services to NEU and U of K students, educators and staff but also to the general public for 20 hours and 7 days a week.

The university also has research and training facilities for a wide range of subject areas, 28 research centers continue to do groundbreaking work every year much to the admiration of the world. Just in 2019 alone, the university put out 1,400 publications in many reputable journals and conferences.

The University of Kyrenia is not only committed to academic excellence alone, but the university also has measures for social development, extracurricular activities, and proactive student events or symposiums.

Near East University and The University of Kyrenia has organized more than a dozen international conferences and hosted over 5,000 specialists, experts, and professionals from over a hundred different countries.

75 student-led clubs cater to different student interests and movements, the university is also an international environment where different cultures are displayed and celebrated at any of the university’s cultural centers.

Programs and Specialties

Branch-focus on maritime and aviation studies sets the university apart in more ways than one owing to the international recognition they have garnered and the availability of professional training in these subjects. The university also has several other professional specialties under its belts and it hopes to increase with each academic year.

RocApply Services to help University of Kyrenia Students

RocApply helps all our students with accommodation services both on and off-campus in Northern Cyprus. With a high priority for our students, we ensure that they get standard student housing tailored to their needs and their budget.

Our accommodation partners are littered across the city of Kyrenia and Lefkosa offering premium housing and facilities for our students. Take advantage of our seamless online application process and get into the program of your choice at The University of Kyrenia.

We are offering a one-stop platform for all your university applications, visa, scholarships, housing, and transportation needs on the beautiful island of Northern Cyprus.

Our recently launched airport pick up service is very effective and stellar, treating students to an executive reception as they arrive in their new study-abroad destination.

Students and their properties are safely transported to their university campus or any other external home arrangements. We also assist with registration, payment of other fees, and subsequent integration into their new environments

Why Study at University Of Kyrenia

Modern and Safe Campus

The University of Kyrenia has a modern campus outlook designed with contemporary features that add to the flair and dynamic of the university which resonates with many young people today. The university campus also accentuates the value of technology in these modern times, located in a very safe area with the nearby seaside view giving it an aesthetic that is not only fascinating but functional. The school’s prime location within the city makes it very easy to move around with easy access to the many public transport options that are readily available.

Limitless Opportunities

The U of K offers students opportunities both within and outside the university, with its affiliations with world-leading establishments, organizations, and institutions, there are many ways the student experience is enriched. Likewise, as its sister institution Near East, is already an established force in education in the country, U of K students enjoy the benefits of their access to all the opportunities that are also available there. The U of K is an international learning institution that welcomes a great number of foreign students from across the globe, creating an environment that is inclusive and diverse.

Mode of Education

The methods employed by the university encourages student participation and a student-focused learning template, which in recent time has proven as a very useful tool in educating many young minds today. Similarly, the programs at the university are designed and taught to mirror real-life applications with practical knowledge that students find useful after they graduate.

Quality Academic Staff & Resources

Just like the resources at Near East University, the University of Kyrenia boasts of state-of-the-art facilities and features that are of top quality and can accommodate the growing needs of all students on campus. The university also has an excellent line-up of academic and administrative members who devote their time and experience to delivering the best and continues to push the boundaries when it comes to university education and student development.

Accommodation University Of Kyrenia

On Campus Accomodation at University Of Kyrenia

The University of Kyrenia has a vast number of dormitories on campus that can accommodate over 5,000 local and international students.

The university student services have special priorities for international students, however, we carry out all the necessary arrangements for our students before their arrival into the country.

Accommodation in the University of Kyrenia costs between €160 and €280 per month on campus, however, students can find cheaper accommodation off-campus.

The U of K and NEU’s joint on-campus accommodation has a capacity of over 5,000 students and more dormitories are constructed annually for the growing number of students every year.

New students are given priority, however, it's important to reserve a room earlier. The institution offers fully furnished apartments with a lounge, kitchen, and bathrooms with utilities such as heating, wireless internet, and a student lounge for relaxation.

Students are allowed to cook and prepare their meals or opt to eat at any of the canteens or cafeterias across the campus.

*€ = European Euro

Off Campus Accomodation at University Of Kyrenia

Many U of K students choose to find separate accommodations around the Kyrenia and Lefkosa area where many homes offer student housing for rent at various standards and prices. Students can rent studios, two-bedroom flats or three-bedroom flats at different parts of the city, or close to the university’s campus.

Off-Campus accommodation prices and conditions vary depending on what the student is specifically looking for. Houses in the area cost averagely €150 to €450 per month depending on the building type or its closeness to the city center, payments are accepted for 6 months or 12-months rent.

Student sharing is very common in student communities where students contribute their resources and rent an apartment, splitting all the bills from the rent to the utilities. Renting an apartment means students will bear the cost of utilities such as electricity, water, internet, and cable except they come inclusive of the rent.

It is important to consult before paying for off-campus accommodation as we advise accordingly on the best options for our students tailored to their budgets and needs. The university has guest houses present both on and off-campus for visiting parents and friends of students.

Sports at University Of Kyrenia

The University of Kyrenia just as its sister institution, Near East, is the most active in sporting activities among all universities in North Cyprus and it has an impressive sports infrastructure to support its activities.

The university has a sports center that hosts a great number of facilities like an Olympic indoor swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, and a football field amongst others.

There is also an indoor gym that is modern and environmentally-friendly, students can exercise, build muscles, and train at this gym facility which also has space for other exercise-based activities like yoga, Zumba, and aerobics.

The sporting facilities at both U of K and NEU  are conducive for both summer and winter seasons considering that they have an indoor arena and outdoor facilities that both open until the late hours of the night. 

Food at University Of Kyrenia

There are numerous cafeterias and restaurants on campus offering worldwide cuisines. U of K campus canteen offers different meals 3 times a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The dishes include but are not limited to meat, rice, pasta, potatoes, and vegetarian meals. Students are offered different options for the canteen meals, for example, a yearly fee for all meals or a pay per meal basis.

Within the university campus, there are multiple fast-food restaurants where students can enjoy different dishes both local and international.

Also, there is a huge supermarket on campus with all the grocery items students might need, all sold at subsidized student prices. Branches of local and international banks, a launderette, a bookstore, a post office, and much more are also located on campus.

Transportation at University Of Kyrenia

The university offers free shuttle services between the city center and the campus on both weekdays and weekends.

The shuttle service travels through various stops en route to the city center. Furthermore, free bus service is available from the airport for all new students of the university arriving in Northern Cyprus.

The University of Kyrenia students and staff members can use the buses for free to travel around the city.

The University ring bus service follows four different routes between Lefkosa and Girne and within Girne and the main campus from 7:00 in the morning up until midnight. 

About Girne/Kyrenia

Girne/Kyrenia is the most vibrant city in Northern Cyprus, its located close to the harbor and hence surrounded by water. The city has one of the most amazing bars, clubs, and restaurants in the whole of North Cyprus. Girne has a population of over 21,000 people and one of the best climate conditions in summer.

People get to do a lot of water sports in Girne and boat tours cost between €20 to €40 per person, however, cheaper as a group. The scenery is great for relaxation and often students visit the city center just to walk around. Kyrenia is the most favorable city for tourists and hence it is flooded with impressive hotels and shops. The primary or most used language in the city is English.

The city is also situated close to a historic castle which attracts a number of tourists from all over the place. Compared to other cities life is faster in Kyrenia, however, accommodation is also a bit expensive. Girne has the best transport system within North Cyprus, buses and taxis are always readily available.

In winter the city is less lively and usually less populated. Just like other cities in Cyprus, there are several Casinos and betting houses around the city which are hunting grounds for student jobs especially during the summer when tourists troop into the city in droves.

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