Flights To North Cyprus

All fights to North Cyprus have to pass through Turkey. Be very careful when booking flights as you do not want to find yourself booked to South Cyprus because only people with EU passports are allowed to passes through to North Cyprus from South Cyprus.

Turkish Airways is usually the best option when flying to North Cyprus, however, there are other options for people from different nations. In case you are not sure which airline to book please contact RocApply as soon as you get admission to any university in North Cyprus and we will connect you with someone who can help you book the right flight.

University officials also assist in finding the best flights to take you from your respective departure point, and there is always someone waiting to pick you up from the airport.

North Cyprus Airports

North Cyprus only has one international airport, Ercan Airport Besides chartered flights mostly from European countries there is no direct international flight to North Cyprus except for a privately operated Azeri airline from Azerbaijan.

North Cyprus's Ercan Airport sees a lot of actions per week with more than 90 flights per week arriving during the summer.

For visitors and students from the UK there are more than 20 flights from London, Stansted, Gatwick and Heathrow going to North Cyprus be warry that most of the flights arrive in the evening.

Please note that if you require a Visa you will need to book a return flight. We are happy to assist you with any questions regarding this issue.

North Cyprus has direct flights from Turkey and usually only through Turkish airlines.


Its only possible to cross over from South Cyprus (Larnaca Airport ) to North Cyprus if you hold an EU passport.

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