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Lifestyle and Culture in Romania

Life in Romania can be a harmonious mixture of music and local cuisine that you can experience in one of the country’s numerous restaurants and bars. Religion is another important aspect of the local lifestyle, especially when it comes to family life.

During your stay in the country, you will probably come across locals who will be delighted to share their culture with you and help you understand their style of living. Romanians are particularly warm and hospitable. Most meals are started by a glass of Tsuica (a traditional strong alcoholic drink), which is manufactured in a handicraft way and has to be drunk bottoms up this tradition is especially popular in villages. In fact, most people in Romania’s smaller towns would be very welcoming towards foreigners and eager to learn about your culture.

If shopping is your entertainment, you will be happy to find out that Romania is has the biggest number of shopping malls in Eastern Europe. Large complexes with hundreds of shops, cafés, restaurants and cinemas await residents and tourists alike. If you are considering a move to Romania, you are probably curious about what it’s like living in the country. In this article, find out about local culture, customs, and popular pastimes. 

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