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Being one of the key tourist destinations of Western Sahara, it’s hardly surprising that Western Sahara also happens to be one of the most vibrant when it comes to nightlife. In comparison to a lot of regions, the country has a few more bars and nightclubs although like everywhere in the world, you have got to have a bit of local knowledge before you trudge off into the evening. This is why RocApply is here, We’re determined to make your stay smooth here by sharing in detail what and not expect in your country of destination! 

Western Sahara benefits from its thin, slivery form, with a wide range of landscapes and climates causing diverse cultures, traditions, and lifestyles to develop over time. The lesser-visited south of the country possesses some major archaeological sites, impressive dunes, and caravans of nomadic peoples crossing the dunes. The north contains many of the main cities in the country, located along the historic Mediterranean coast and infused by a bustling nightlife.

Arguably the biggest difference is the fact that a lot of will merely turn to hotels to sample some of the nightlife. While there’re some established nightclubs, hotels also play a large part in the nightlife ecosystem in Western Sahara. a lot of the time students will take advantage of the bars and clubs which form part of the hotels. Additionally, and this is what most Westerners will not be used to, there are few out-and-out bars yet something for everyone. 

You are usually left with two extremes; a small establishment serving drinks, or a vibrant nightclub that will keep your head banging until dawn. As such, we help you a look at some of the best nightlife establishments that Western Sahara with our guides and readily available call services. Whether you’re a young visitor seeking a thriving nightclub, or traveling with your partner and looking to sample something a little quieter, there are some of the best establishments in the region you can get in Western Sahara.

Youngsters here love to have a good time. In a big marquee, on the beach, in a garden lined with palm trees, or right in the middle of the desert… they are all perfect for dancing! The country boasts some huge open-air discos, prestigious clubs that attract big-name international DJs, and loads of discos where you can get up on the dance floor to the latest vibes. And as if that wasn’t enough, there’re regular club events organized on the beach and in the desert dunes.


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