Hotels in Western Sahara

If you are searching for the celebrity treatment, the five-star hotels in Western Sahara are your dreams come true. From sprawling resorts to fancy hot spots, these Western Sahara five-star hotels immerse each traveler in the most elite experience money can buy. Want to unwind with a VIP-worthy spa treats? Western Saharan hotels have the leisure you are looking for.

With us you can compare prices, ratings, location, and much more to find the best fit for you. Choose from a list of establishments that can suit every need, for couples, families, friends, or business trips. The quality of the hotels is relatively high in Western Sahara. Even in backwaters, a decent hotel can be found. 

In high season, the most desirable rooms are booked out weeks in advance, so secure your room early on RocApply Hotels Page. The big hotels are used by larger tour groups; they tend to be more intriguing and filled with large tour groups. Western Saharan hotels are well equipped with TVs and Internet in most of the towns. The stuff in the hotels is friendly and always ready to give attention to foreigners here!

At first glance, you might think Western Sahara has been hard done by in terms of land area. But dig deeper and you will discover enough history and diversity to rival any country, no matter what the size. Laayoune, the ancient capital, boasts boisterous Medinas, grand mosques, and fascinating hotels. The museum here and the most popular, partly for its time-honored collection and partly due to its stunning location. 

All regional towns in Western Sahara have great hotels that will accept foreigners. Many tourists will have booked tours which include accommodation, others will have to pay in USDs unless they have special exemptions. Many large city hotels are West African in style, especially in the capital, so they can look very dated to western eyes and are often a bit overpriced.

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