Ukraine Lifestyle and Culture


Lifestyle and Culture in Ukraine

It is hard to define typical lifestyle for every Ukrainian. Life in the cities is completely different. Bustling urban centers are full of life, movements and energetic entrepreneurs. It is hard to believe that only 5-10 km outside towns car are substituted with horse carriages and busy traffic streets change with dirt roads. Wi-Fi signals can be cough on every corner, boutiques are full of overprices fur coats and hundreds expensive cars stay in traffic.

Ukraine possesses a wealth of cultural talent and a considerable cultural legacy. Impressive monuments of architecture and museums displaying works by generations of Ukrainian artists can be found throughout the country, and art galleries featuring contemporary Ukrainian artists are a commonplace in larger urban centres. The country’s strong tradition of folk art also continues to this day. In addition, high-calibre performing artists and ensembles appear regularly in Ukraine’s numerous theatres and concert halls.

The cities, with their broad sidewalks and extensive greenery, are eminently suited for walking. Ukrainians generally do a considerable amount of walking, either to get around or simply for enjoyment. Parks are plentiful and popular for strolling or picnicking, a common pastime among city dwellers, most of whom live in apartments. The cities also feature numerous kiosks, which sell all manner of wares.

Cultural pursuits and entertainment are widespread. Most of Ukraine’s major cities have ornate theatres with their own opera companies. Though classical music remains popular, contemporary Western-style music dominates the airwaves on numerous commercial radio stations.

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