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Uganda’s education policy recognizes pre-primary education as the first level of education in Uganda under four programs namely daycare centers, home-based centers, community centers, and nursery schools. Early childhood care and education is a critical period in children’s physical, mental, and psycho-social development. children between the ages of 0 and 8 years need to be nurtured in a safe, secure, and caring environment.

Pre-primary education

  • Ages                            : 3-5 years
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Primary Languages: English
  • Terms                          : 3 terms
  • Admission Term: Beginning of the term

Pre-primary education in Uganda emphasizes observable and measurable skills, knowledge, and values to be acquired by the children in areas including Personality and emotional relationships, Communication, language and literacy, Problem-solving and mathematical concepts, Knowing and understanding of the world, Physical Development, and Creative development, to mention but a few.


Examples of International Pre-Schools in UGANDA

Train Up A Child Nursery and Primary School

This is a Christian-based, mixed-day and boarding school in Uganda. It is a school known for its academic excellence, moral standards, discipline, Christian values, physical education, and a variety of extracurricular activities. The school has two campuses in Bugolobi and Najjanankumbi Masanyalase stage. The school provides quality education at affordable charges and is well-known is well known for its hospitality for national and international pupils.

  • Founded: 2003
  • Address: 33 Luthuli Dr, Kampala, Uganda
  • Grades: nursery- P7
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Type: co-educational, non-profit.

Tuition and Fees

The following are the fees to be paid by the students here.

Details                                                                         amount          

Nursery section, P1 and P2                                         1 000 000

Boarding (all sections)                                                1 400 000

Transport                                                                     350 000

Daycare                                                                       200 000

Admission                                                                   160 000


Future Leaders International Daycare and Preschool

This is a bilingual premium daycare center for children. The school aims to create a nurturing environment through a careful balance of education and care by encouraging exploration and growth in an environment that is safe, stimulating, and nurturing, and tailored to each child’s unique learning style. The school offers a wide range of learning opportunities to encourage and assist each child to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially to their fullest potential. The school is known for producing A strong and happy child with self-confidence.

  • address: Kisaasi Plot No. 2153, Block 214, Kampala Uganda
  • Duration of study: 2 years
  • Primary Languages: English
  • Terms                          : 3 terms
  • Admission Term: Beginning of the term 

Application for Admission

The school requires the following documents to register a child at the institution.

  • copy of the child's birth certificate
  • copy of the child's vaccination card
  • passport size photo (of the child and the parent)
  • payment of the registration fee (non-refundable)
  • medical report from the doctor

Tuition and fees- the following fees are applicable here. Note that the fees cover all three meals and school supplies. All semester school fees must be paid in full before school opens and A 5% discount will be allowed on registration fees for siblings.


Full Day Fees structure

Details                                                 period                         amount                                   US$

1st semester-January to June                6 months                     UGX 3 500 000                      $ 960

2nd semester- August-December         5 months                     UGX 3 000 000                      $ 820

Half Day Fees structure

1st semester-January to June 12th       6 months                     UGX 3 265 000                      $ 895

2nd semester- August to December    5 months                    UGX 2 500,000                      $ 685

Daily fee                                                                                 UGX 45 000                           $ 15

Monthly fee                                                                            UGX 650 000                         $ 177

Registration Fee (non-refundable)                                          UGX 300 000                         $ 85



Full Day Fees structure

1st semester- January to June              6 months                     UGX 3 125 000                      $ 855

2nd semester- August to December    5 months                     UGX 2 500 000                      $ 685

Half Day Fees structure

1st semester- January to June              6 months                     UGX 2 675 000                      $ 730

2nd semester- August to December    5 months                     UGX 2 150 000                      $ 590

Daily fee:                                                                                UGX 40 000                           $ 11

Monthly fee:                                                                           UGX 550 000                         $ 150

Registration Fee (non-refundable)                                          UGX 300 000                         $ 85


Greenhill Academy

This is a school located in Kampala. It aims to offer An education that is intellectually challenging and leads to students exhibiting their maximum potential academically and one that nurtures a sense of values, honesty, and a desire to seek high standards in all they do. The school offers nursery education and Admission into the Nursery and Pre Primary school section shall depend on their age and this takes place in October.

  • Adress: Mbogo Road Kibuli, Kampala, uganda
  • Established: 1994
  • Primary Languages: English
  • Terms                          : 2 terms
  • Admission: October

Curriculum- Greenhill Academy follows the National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC) thematic curriculum. It aims to empower children with skills enough to ensure an early breakthrough to literacy,  mastery of numeracy skills, empowerment in the use of life skills, a head start to the acquisition of higher-order thinking skills and development of basic language skills for lifelong learning. students at the nursery stage are taught in subjects including Reading, Numbers, Writing, Art, General knowledge, Physical Education, and Swimming.

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