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Studying abroad can be fascinating but not as compared to the experiences one has to filter outside classroom life! Uganda is no exception when it comes to an exciting lifestyle to refresh your mind and utilise your idle time!

The country is adorned with natural reserves that will keep you intrigued every day as it comes. RocApply has dedicated this guide for your information on what activities you can immerse into on campus to make your study interesting!

Of course we all know weekends are for explorations. This guide will focus much on routine life on campus!

The institutions here offer students with various activities and programmes to keep them entertained and building a strong network amongst themselves. These are oft the best part for pursuing studies in Ugandan universities.

Well, that is just the tip of the iceberg!! The country itself is worthy reserving a few trips with friends especially on weekends! Our guide is just a flash of the actual great experiences that Uganda has to offer to its students!

There are number of recreation and sports activities at the universities. Departments of Sports and Recreation offer welfare and sports skills services to the students through a comprehensive, dynamic and exciting Inter-Faculy Sports Championships scheduled to take place during the First Semester of each academic year and later the Inter-University games! The games include:

  • Track and Field Athletics
  • Mini-Marathon
  • Badminton
  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis

Apart from that, hostel life comes with its own goodies. Pearl Kenyangi, a third year student at Ndejje University attests to this,

One really gets to enjoy mindling with new people and making acquintances especially on partying accasions!” She adds,

“Campuse life is a time of story-making. Of finding your people. Of cheering at the big game or playing to win in your own. Of working side-by-side with like-minded classmates to achieve something different.and in Uganda you don’t run short of fun at all.”

Whatever you do, don’t forget to go on a safari trip to see African in Uganda. You’ll discover many expert tour guides and outfits that know exactly where to take you for the best chances to observe the likes of Cape buffalos, elephants, giraffes, lions, antelopes, chimpanzees and more.

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DISCLAIMER: The suggestions on these pages are based primarily on recommendations that we receive from former students. Activity lists are by no means exhaustive; rather, they are meant give an idea for exploring all of the ways you can get involved in Uganda! We advise you to check by yourself what beauty lies ahead!



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