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Shopping for food and other requirements can be quite a daunting task for international students. The major challenges and frequently asked questions are:

  • Where do I shop?
  • Which shops have the most affordable prices?
  • Where exactly can I get the products I require?
  • Which shops have the best quality?
  • How do I get to the shops?

At RocApply we provıde you wıth ınformatıon on the shops you can choose from for the best shoppıng experıence ın Mozambıque.

Shopping centres and malls to choose from:

  • 1.Polana shopping mall, Maputo-is located on Julius Nyerere Avenue in is characterised by its convenient access and for its quality stores. It houses a wide variety of shops ranging from clothing, grocery, jewelry, appliances, accessories, and shoes
  • 2.Marés shopping mall, Maputo-also located in Maputo in the Costa del Sol Neighborhood. It is located in a multi-functional building and offers convenience to students as they don't have to travel far to obtain goods and services. The building has apartments and other services as well such that students can rent and have all their places of convenience in one place.
  • 3.Manica Shopping Centre, Chimoio -offers a wide range of shops including grocery shops, restaurants, and Chimoio Forex a forex trading shop. If you are a foreign student and want to turn your forex into local currency then convenience is closer to you at Manica shopping Centre. To add on to your convenience, the shopping centre closes at 11 pm so in case of a late-night emergency then just drop by and be assisted, depending on the closing time of the shop you need to access.
  • 1.Pemba Shopping, Pemba -located in Wimbe in Pemba, is a joint venture between Atterbury and Tradehold Africa. Shops for your convenience include Shoprite, Ok Furniture, and Pep. It also houses about 20 shops. If you are driving then parking has never been this easy as Pemba shopping mall has 250 parking bays with 24-hour security and constant power.
  • 2.Baia Mall- This is the largest mall in Mozambique located in Maputo and covers 30 000 square metres. It houses over 100shops and restaurants. It is also a hub for all your superstores including Game, Woolworths, Super spar, and others. For all your shopping, groceries, appliances, home accessories, study material and to enjoy good food just visit Baia Mall.
  • Inhambane Market-if you are a fan of souvenirs and curios then the Inhambane market is the place for you. Find beautiful sculptures, handcraft fabrics, and more in one place. To obtain all your fresh vegetables, fish and fruit then Inhambane provides the freshest and best priced fresh foods.
  • Tete Shopping Centre, Tete-Tete Shopping Centre houses about 27 shops, administrative offices, public utilities, and a car park. The mall houses shops like Shoprite, Choppies, PEP, and KFC to name but a few. Students can also find all their requirements in one place. Convenience at its best.
  • Shoprite -Shoprite is a chain of supermarkets located in almost all the provinces of Mozambique. It offers a wide range of groceries and appliances for home use, for example, food of all kinds, drinks, home decor, and many more. Operating hours are from 9 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday and 9 am to 3 pm on Sundays.

RocApply Tips:

  • When going shopping, carry as little cash as possible. If you have Visa or MasterCard they may be ideal to avoid being pickpocketed.
  • When asking for directions, do it in a public place and be careful whom you approach.
  • Find time to learn more about products and local names, language might be confusing
  • Learn as much of the local languages as you can to avoid communication barriers when shopping in non-English speaking places

"I enjoy shopping and I found it affordable but some of the clothes are definitely not of the highest quality." - Hassan from Turkey

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