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New York City may be known as the city that never sleeps, but Kampala, the capital of Uganda where the nightlife is most pronounced is the vibrant and giving the Big Apple a run for its money.

Here you will sleep in your shoes as the rallying cry, with locals partying at all hours venues will stay almost open as long as customers are still drinking. If you have been wondering how your lightlife may look like once you are in Uganda, let RocApply rise to the occasion! Let’s talk about nightlife here!

In Uganda you find wine bars in parking lots, pubs full of European and American expat areas, pub-club hybrids with dance floors and pool tables, even Euro-style nightclubs with light shows almost everywhere.

No matter the venue, Ugandan music is thumping- a mix of dancehall, East African, South African, and Nigerian music, with some international pop dropped in for good measure. Ugandan nightlife is buzzing and worthy tries!

Take a walk around Uganda on any given afternoon, and you would be forgiven for guessing the nightlife is pretty quiet and annoying. The laid-back nature of the people might lead you to believe that they’ll head to bed early, after a cup of hot chocolate and some prime-time TV.

The reality could not be more different here. In fact, Uganda’s night scene bangs every night of the week. A young, fun, and friendly crowd keeps the wheels turning until sunrise, and the list of pubs and clubs is endless, with something for everyone to fit.

In fact, the nightlife here has made Uganda somewhat notorious as the party country of the Central African region; something the Kenyans, Tanzanians, and Rwandans you will meet in town will certainly testify to.

If you are ready to get your taste, here is a look at two great spots you could check out during your stay in Uganda amongst others.

Centenary Park-Kampala

Centenary Park is a small complex of bars and restaurants off the side of a big shopping mall. It is more conducive to a few friendly drinks with friends than a night of shenanigans. Laftaz Comedy Lounge offers events during the week, with plenty of lounge seating to kick back on with a cocktail and enjoy the show. Alternatively, bars like Kyoto are great for spreading out with some friends and a round of beers.

Acacia Avenue

Acacia Avenue is one of the shinier streets in Kampala, the capiattal, home to the Acacia Mall and a few higher-end apartments and hotels. The place is also filled with bars and nightclubs. The Irish Pub Bubbles O’Leary’s and the adjacent Big Mike’s are 2 bars that always draw a healthy crowd of foreigners and students alike.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions concerning nightlife in Uganda, RocApply is here to give you all the information you may need before setting your feet in this unique country. Apply with us today, FREE of charge and we will quicken your dream into reality!


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