Jobs for Students in Uganda

If you are planning to work during your academic course in Uganda you should prepare for it in time. While studying abroad can be satisfying, getting involved with a local company is rather more satisfying!

RocApply is committed to find you the perfect placement for a vacation part-time job!! We do this by posting vacancies available on our JOBS page which we advise you to check constantly!  

Ugandan institutions offer students with unlimited opportunities to showcase their skills and apply academic knowledge on the industrial platform.

If you stay back in campus during summer breaks choosing to work full time will enhance your chances to make some extra money, this can add well towards your next semester expenditure.

Since no classes are taken on weekends, you can look around for some jobs that can be done to make some extra money; for example you can mow the lawn or house cleaning. If you know driving and have local driving license you can take people for sightseeing and would be pretty exciting.

Students can search for a part-time job opportunities in their college premises. Options such as working in the cafeteria, library, supporting the administrative department are available to almost every students.

Additionally, one can also look for employment nearby colleges or residence to save the time to travel. Students can discuss with their peers who are already working, and can join the same place.

Part time placements in Uganda are one of the best options available to the students, as it provides with a lot of experience and financial support. Companies here are always on the lookout to recruit young talented students to boost revenues!

Jobs may include;

  • housekeeping
  • supermarket cashiers
  • computer jobs
  • Information and Technology assistance

RocApply Advice!!

To improve your chances to secure a job here you should have your documentation sorted out in time! Before planning to apply, prepare your CVs and resumes. When you work part-time for someone this makes to part of your CV and works as a very good recommendation when looking for a regular day job. For part-time jobs although local candidates are preferred but there are no reservations for jobs. Anyone can apply for such jobs and get paid. Be sure to check out our JOBS page!!

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