International University of Humanities and Development


International University of Humanities and Development

Number of students
2000€ - 2000€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
July 02, July 02
Application Deadline
5 / 1
Student - staff ratio
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Why Study at International University of Humanities and Development

World-Class Education

High-level business schools should provide a world-class education to dedicated innovators who must consistently do their jobs and educate all walks of life and Advanced Business College embodies this truth, the various interest areas students choose, be it public, discreet, selfless, and profitable, the college ensures quality training is received.

Academic Staff

The college’s professional lecturers are positioned to offer the best tuition and training which are relevant and transferrable and they are also available for all kinds of learning support. These people are not academicians but also professionals and industry experts in Ghana and around the world.

College of Choice

Advanced Business College has become the university college of choice for international students pursuing professional careers, particularly business and graphic design, from many Ghanaian high school graduates and sister countries in Africa.

Career Learning and Opportunities

Also, because computers play the most important role in current management work, the course work requires students to actively use computing resources. In the information age, due to a lack of basic computing skills, graduates should not be restricted. Considering that Ghana is an English-speaking country whose mother tongue is French, we provide students with training in two languages to encourage effective domestic and international exchanges. Therefore, for those who are not proficient, they must use any/two language courses in the first year of education

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