Turkey Visa Requirements


Turkey Visa Requirements

To study in Turkey, all foreign nationals are required to have been issued with a student visa. Student visas are obtained from the respective national embassy o the applicant often gave multi-entries as do work visas. The process of visa application is initiated once a student has been successfully accepted at the Turkish university of their choice and is relatively done timely with a few weeks as long as all the documents required are available.

RocApply and the respective university usually assist new students with acquiring a students visa, however, the student has to prepare all required documents and submitted them to the Turkish embassy. In case you do not know where the location of the nearby Turkish embassy please contact RocApply officials and they will help you.

A list of documents required to apply for a Turkish student visa

  • A passport valid for more than 90 days
  • 2 most recent photos passport size
  • Acceptance letter from the university
  • Health insurance proof
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Medical report form recognized health practitioners
  • Individuals bank account details and statement preferably in a foreign currency Euro, Dollars, and GBP
  • A return Ticket to Turkey (Please note that you do not need to actually buy the flight ticket, an itinerary ticket or booking is enough)
  • Completed Visa Application form obtained from the respective Turkish embassy

All in all the process of visa procurement should be done in time, as it involves gathering documents listed above such as police report, medical clearance, document certification etc. After attaining the visa and gaining entry into Turkey. Within the first month of arriving in Turkey, international students will secure from the Turkish immigration department the student residence permit which should be renewed yearly.

The Turkish student residence permit enables international students to study, work parttime in Turkey as well as be protected as legal immigrants and be eligible to social services such as health insurance available to Turkish nationals as well.

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Requirements for renewing the Student Visa in Turkey Visa

The university usually assists new students with renewing their visas every year once they are in Turkey, however, some documents have to be prepared by each respective international student and submitted to the Turkish Foreign Relations Department at the Local Police Headquarters close to your university.

Please contact the international office in your respect university to help you with the process of renewing your visa in Turkey, you may also contact RocApply members for guidance.

List of documents required for renewing the Student Visa in Turkey

  • Service fee and completed application form (Obtained at the Turkish Foreign Relations Department close to your university in Turkey)

  • Copies of student passport and visa

  • 2 most recent photos passport size

  • Student registration letter from the university (Please ask for the letter from your university's International office department)

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