Jobs for Students in Turkey

Jobs for Students in Turkey

This is always one of the most asked questions by international students when considering a destination as a place of study. We are thus glad to mention that Turkey does offer several part-time work opportunities or foreign nationals looking to supplement their finances.

Jobs in Turkey may be found in a plethora of fields tourism, agriculture, and retail or even on the institutional premises itself. In spite students not being allowed to formerly work as offer government regulations, most students often find a side job to get them going and this may include fruit picking, working in restaurants, retail shops, bar attending, informally teach English, proof-read etc. or more formal instance.

Masters and P.h.D. students may be considered or assistant lecturing posts and other openings in the international students' offices of institutions as and when they are available, however its important to emphasize that the job market for students is very competitive.

For those in the hospitality fields, they’d be excited to know that as Turkey has large contingent hotels and leisure spots, most of these attractions often recruit referred and selected students from Turkish universities during summer, thus increasing chances of students earning a decent salary.

In some cases finding a job may be as easy as setting aside a day to walk around the city and hand in CV’s or inquire in person as most opportunities are informal and may spontaneously arise while one is out and about searching.

International students being multilingual (English, French and German) does also count in one’s favour particularly when seeking employment at tourist hubs where this will enable a student to be an asset to their employer by providing translation services so as to assist meet the customer’s needs and wants.