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Students prospecting to study in Tunisia looking for a Ph.D. scholarship, Masters Scholarships, or Undergraduate scholarships to fund their education abroad can now check with the RocApply Scholarship page for updates from the universities and the Tunisian aids.

The list of scholarship range from fully funded to limited support or tuition fee waiver and we are committed to helping students acquire them!!

There are a number of scholarships available to Tunisia scholars to study abroad and in their home country. Because of these funding the country has experienced a rapid expansion in its higher education system.

To withstand globally, still, the country is making continuous efforts for its academic and educational expansion. Various organizations and universities worldwide for the development of third world countries are focusing on the strong establishment of the education sector in nations like Tunisia.

Here you can find various programs offered by worldwide institutes for Tunisian students alike.

Tuition fees and living costs are generally significantly low in Tunisia than in the rest of the neighborhood, thus a little extra funding is still likely to come in handy for many international students. In fact, tuition is free in Public Universities here.

While some are government scholarships, others are offered by individual universities or external organizations, for students at all levels of study. With its competitive institutions, Tunisia offers excellent opportunities for students.

The scholarships for academic studies are offered to take complete programs for Specialization, Master’s or Ph.D. Degrees, and Postgraduate Researches. Likewise, the offer includes academic mobility for Bachelor and Postgraduate Degree Programs.

On the other hand, the scholarships for special programs are offered to take short-term fellowships addressed to Visiting Professors, Researchers in Tunisia’s issues, Media Contributors, Art Production Fellowships, amongst many.

The university level is basically comprised of 4-6 years. As the postgraduate level is more research-based and technical by which you are able to achieve your doctorate level thus given priority in scholarship programs.

The funding is mostly facilitated by the Ministry of Education for Tertiary Education in Tunisia and to study abroad. Tunisia institutions also offer various scholarships for its students to study abroad in various institutions and universities.

In Tunisia, most universities here offer merit scholarships to those who have outstanding academic records. Scholarships are granted for the program the student is enrolled in and is continued throughout the regular period of the student’s education.

The normal duration of the scholarship is 4 years for those who start directly as a freshman. Below you will find a selection of current study abroad scholarships and funding opportunities on offer to those hoping to study in Tunisia. You can check with our team for any available scholarships at the moment through our mail [email protected].

Merit Scholarships

Many foundations and some state universities offer merit scholarships to those who have outstanding academic records. Scholarships are granted for the program the student is enrolled in and is continued throughout the regular period of the student’s education. T

he normal duration of the scholarship is 5 years for those who must join an English language preparatory program and four years for those who start directly as a freshman. At foundation universities, students are not at risk of losing their scholarships despite academic difficulties as long as they stick to mandatory class attendance rates. 

Other Scholarships

Independent of the merit-based scholarship quota, universities provide additional sources of funding. Almost all universities give partial scholarships, which depend on the academic merits of the applicant and cover between 30% and 60% of the total fees. 

On a great note, scholarship opportunities are available by many research, government, and private organizations to provide adequate financial support for students aspiring to study in Tunisia. Beneath are some of the available scholarships and grants for international students which can be taken advantage of.

  • Mediterranean School of Business Diversity funding for International Students in Tunisia 
  • Tunisia government scholarships for international students
  • LAU Tomorrow’s Leaders Graduate (TLG) program for International Students 

Most of these scholarships premier their recruitment periods online, be sure to checkout constantly to get precise dates for applications and other relevant information or simply send us an email and we will assist you to navigate through the scholarships.


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