Contemporary Technology University

Contemporary Technology University

Palo Alto
Number of students
7435€ - 8180€
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Scholarships available
November 25, September 19
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Offered Programs

The university accepts students who demonstrate drive and passion in their undertakings, the school pays attention to formulating special admission procedures to reflect the experience they have amassed over the years. Similarly, in their way, the admissions process already prepares students for what they might experience when the school year begins.

Contech’s admissions team focuses on assessing students’ potential and motivation, not on previously acquired skills and knowledge.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. The minimum GPA out of four points is 3.0, but applications from prominent candidates who do not meet the minimum GPA are still welcomed. The entry requirements and GRE results are not compulsory.

Digital Marketing (Masters)

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or any undergraduate degree with two years’ experience in Business Administration or Management-related industries.

A C.V/Resume or links to your professional LinkedIn account

Proof of English knowledge

Computer Science (Masters)

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences or any other undergraduate degree with two years’ experience in Computer related industries.

A C.V/Resume or links to your professional LinkedIn account

Proof of English knowledge

Application Steps

Fill and complete the application form on our easy-to-access online platform to apply to your desired program before the beginning of a new academic year.

The admissions team will consider your application and review your form to determine the documents that you should submit. All documents required must be uploaded, and the applicant will be notified if any further documentation is required.

Accepted candidates will receive a letter of acceptance and they can enroll in their program at the start date.

Enrollment will be complete after the university has verified the authenticity of the documents submitted.

Documents to upload:

Academic certificates and transcripts

Proof of English knowledge

Select your Degree

Tuition and Scholarships at Contemporary Technology University

Universities for international education place large numbers and fees on faculty and facilities that students typically do not use. They also include undergraduates graduating about $ 90,000 a year, and these fees most times come at a very high price. Education should be affordable for all, and as such Contech is dedicated to providing opportunities for deserving students who need the opportunity.

Contech’s approach to the tuition fee for higher education is a bit unique. The college is committed to reducing the cost of our services to create an open environment where students enjoy quality education at an affordable price.

This allows the institution to maintain a fee that constitutes just a small quota when compared to other major universities. The university’s funding is only what is needed to provide quality education. This is achieved through qualified teachers, lower classes, and an improved curriculum that offers challenging courses. Contech continues to expand the scope of Education Dialogue.

Tuition Fee Breakdown



AI & Machine Learning

Data Science

Digital Marketing

Non-refundable application fee




Cost per credit hour




Total number of credits




Total tuition for program




The above fees are for the 2021/2022 academic entrance, these fees are subject to review in the future, need further clarity on tuition? Then contact us for all the latest information on studying at Contech.

NB: All fees are paid in US Dollar ($)

Flexible Tuition Payment Options

  1. As a Contech student, you only need to pay 30% of the tuition to start your training plan and complete your training plan. After graduating and getting a high-paying job, you can start paying the remaining tuition in small installments, thanks to the Learn Now Pay later model. It's that simple. This is how the university financially assists students who have the talent but require the finance.
  2. Another option allows you to pay the full tuition fee and get a 20% discount at the beginning of the course.
  3. Students can also pay in monthly installments, spread over twelve months as their classes’ progress.
  4. Students can also pay based on the credit units they offer in a semester

About Contemporary Technology University

For students who are eager to attend and are focused on becoming the next digital leaders, Contech is their next step. Contech’s mission is to provide students interested in advanced education with a master's degree in digital marketing, computer science, and data science.

The goal is to equip students with the skills needed to solve the complex problems posed by modern technology. The university is committed to balancing competitive courses and laying the foundation for the creativity of our students. These foundations allow our students to gain vision and excel uniquely.

Contech’s academic unit has worked in the education industry for over 15 years and has taught over 45,000 students. During the study, they noticed that the gap in the technology market was widening. This is because universities are following traditional teaching methods and graduates will not be able to tolerate new and useful technologies.

This gap in the creative technology market led us to open the college in 2021, which is the gateway to Contech to the world. Contech’s unique academic model that combines online and on-site education in tech spaces rather than conventional classrooms sets them apart.  The courses taught come with a wide range of opportunities in fields of technology such as computer science, data science, machine learning, and digital marketing.

Contech offers rigorous but comprehensive training and the courses cover changing areas such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Digital Marketing. Like Contech, these areas are constantly evolving and the academic model of the school will continue to be ahead of the curriculum as its professional academic staff continues to drive these lessons.

These international faculty members oversee the curriculum to ensure that students learn the right skills appropriate for the technology industry. There is a team of experts and coaches that provide step-by-step instructional responses to students to create a powerful impact as students step into the field.

Study Programs

Masters in Computer Science – AI and Machine Learning

Masters in Computer Science – Data Science

Masters in Digital Marketing

Accommodation Contemporary Technology University

On Campus Accomodation at Contemporary Technology University

At the moment, the university does not offer on campus living options. This means that prospective students will have to rely on our accommodation partners for accommodation options.

Off Campus Accomodation at Contemporary Technology University

All housing and other living expenses are assessed on the cost of living and are calculated by all four places on our offer. Maybe you need to budget for more or less money depending on your lifestyle. The minimum housing cost is $ 600 per month and the average housing cost is $ 1000 per month if you live in New York, San Francisco, Berlin, or Singapore.

The university does not provide accommodation or dormitory availabilities. However, our fast and reliable accommodation partners are available for any of your accommodation needs in the four cities where Contech is present

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