Student Life in the United States of America (USA)

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Student Life in the United States of America (USA)

Tuition is significantly more expensive for international students in the USA and international students cannot apply for student loans but they can apply for scholarships.

Students should keep in mind that their student experience would differ from others depending on the state their university is located. Some students experience culture shock in certain states, while some others find it easy to integrate into other states.

Many international students in the USA tend to group together especially if they are from the same country or from the same continent, because of language or culture similarities. This is done to further ease themselves into their new environments. And of course, during classes, you move on to meet other students from the US and different parts of the world.

Students might find that there are a lot of cultural differences between their home countries and the US, for example with the food, many international students find that they cannot find food or meals that their taste buds are familiar with.

Now with some countries, there are many food options that they are already familiar with back home and are readily available in the US so there isn't that much to miss.

Interestingly international students are now poised to try new things and expand their horizons through food, culture, and language.

Foreign students quickly adapt to the American culture of independence and self-sufficiency, students mature with their environment and take cognizance of the dalliances of the American people.

The American people are dynamic in so many ways, with many interesting traits and qualities that separate them from the world. As a positive, foreign students quickly catch a whiff of these positive traits and use it for survival in their daily lives.

After graduation, students get a one year permit that allows staying in the US after the completion of their studies. This is called the OPT which stands for the Optical Practical Training and during that year graduates can work in their respective fields. However, with the OPT, graduates must find work within three months after graduation or enroll in another study program to remain in the US.

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