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Nightlife in Romania

When in Romania, there are at least nothing you can take for granted. In summer, the days are hot and heavy, during rush hour the traffic is hectic, and at the weekend, regardless of the season, the clubs are full. From hip clubs for the alternative crowds to glamorous venues where dressing up is mandatory, to the odd student-centred clubs, the city life is yours to discover.

The nightlife in the big cities is complemented by a good choice of restaurants where you can taste the specialties of the Romanian cuisine, as well as theatres and concert halls, quite cheap prices. Once in Romania you cannot miss a visit to the famous eventually massage centers, where you can relax in whirlpools, saunas and massages of all kinds.

Of all the wonderful things that Romania has to offer, nightlife is not the least of them. There is something for everyone in this town and we mean everyone. Romanians are attractive and they like to have fun. The local bars and pubs are places to hang out with friends, have drinks, and relax. Tourists are welcome and you can make friends easily.

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