Application Requirements for the United States of America (USA) Universities

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Application Requirements for the United States of America (USA) Universities

RocApply is free of charge for students. We do not charge any application or agency fees. Everyone is free to apply throughout the year. RocApply is committed to helping students maximize their time and options, you can apply with us to any of our partner institutions in the USA.

It should be noted that different universities have different requirements depending on the preferred program of study. There are still some general essentials that have been determined to be very important towards securing admission in the USA.

Primary Documents international students need for admission include;

  • High school leaving credentials and certificates
  • Diplomas and Bachelor degree certificates (for graduate students)
  • Transcripts from recognized institutions showing the courses taken in a higher education program and their grades.

Please note that these documents must be authenticated and translated to English if they are in a foreign language.

Applicants may likely be asked to show their financial to fund their education or provide a sponsor who is capable of funding their tuition and academic-related fees.

Exams and Test requirements for Foreign Students include;

  • SAT and ACT (for entry students into bachelor programs)
  • GRE or GMAT (for graduate students)
  • LSAT (for entry into Law School)
  • MCAT (for entry into Medical School)

Test of English for Foreign students; Non-native English speakers require any of these exams to show their skills or knowledge of the English language- scores for these exams vary by the university or the program.

  • CPE

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