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Lifestyle and Culture in the united Kingdom

International students choose the UK not only for the excellent quality of its universities, but also for its world-famous culture, beautiful countryside and exciting cities. The British culture and social norms are quite unique. One of the foremost necessary things to understand before about to any country is what their cultural and social norms area. As an international student from another country, you may be clueless which is why RocApply has made easy for you with this article.

Despite speaking the same language, the British culture is more different than one might expect. It is a separate country with just a few western things. The British have their own brands, stores, and products you may have never heard of. The entertainment industry overlaps slightly, but the bulk of the television programming and music industry is British, most celebrities and sport stars you probably had never heard of before.

When you’re certain of heritage, you may freely call the different residents as follows; English, Scot, Welsh or Irish. While it is true that these nations share many customs, each has its own set of traditions and history that distinctly define it. Important to mention, British people are very strict when it comes to punctuality. In Britain people make a great effort to arrive on time, so it is oftenly considered impolite to be late, even by few minutes. If you are happen to be delayed, be sure to communicate with the person you are meeting as a golden rule.

Examples of situations that you are obliged to be on time include formal dinners, lunches, or appointments you always come at the exact time appointed amongst many. For public meetings, plays, concerts, movies, sporting events, classes, church services, and weddings, it’s best to arrive a few minutes early.

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