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Lifestyle and Culture in Thailand

Thailand consists of six major regions, they are North Thailand, Northeastern Thailand which is also known as Isan, Eastern Thailand, Central Thailand, Western Thailand, and Southern Thailand. These regions were created based on natural divisions in geography, culture, and language.

The northern region of the country where the second-largest metro population is located contains most of the mountainous areas while Isan from the northeastern region is the largest of all regions and forms about one-third of the country and is historically connected with Laos.

It is situated on a hilly plateau that rises up from the plains of Thailand’s central region. Central Thailand includes most of the alluvial plains surrounding the Chao Phraya River and is where the humongous capital city of Bangkok is located as well as the ancient capital of Ayu Dhaya, this central region is considered the core of modern Thailand.

The eastern region is characterized by short mountain ranges and river basins, it is the location of Ko Chang, an island that is currently growing in population with tourists. The western region borders Myanmar and is very mountainous with some forests and some steep river valleys, the southern region is the location of most of the famous tourist getaways like Phuket, with beautiful beaches and islands as the main attractions. Other activities you can enjoy in Thailand are scuba diving, rafting, hiking, trekking, elephant riding and more. 

Thailand is closely related to Theravada Buddhism which values charity and abhors materialism, widely practiced amongst southeast Asian countries.


Thailand is one of the richest countries in the world when it comes to culture, its society stands as a varied mix of antiquated and present-day culture. In many urban communities, international organizations stand side by side with Buddhist sanctuaries and open-air markets with loud activities.

Modern-day Thailand exists as a division between its history and its future, both of which blend together uniquely, providing an assortment of variety and opportunity. Thailand is very ideal for foreign students intrigued by history, the same as those with a progressively current outlook.


Thai food is flavorful, different and quite inexpensive, the meals are so delicious and well-made and also filling. It is likewise noticeable, that Thai food is much more nutritious than the food many international students are accustomed to eating at home, with heaps of tropical organic farm produce.


Thailand has probably the most amazing landscape on the planet. From tropical seashores to pleasant mountains, Thailand has something for everybody.

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