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Student Life in Thailand

The life of a student in Thailand is pretty diverse and personal, regardless there is one common fact amongst several international students and that is how much of an experience and a learning curve studying in Thailand is. A few international students studying in the country had this to say about their experience;

“ The Thai people are amazing, everyone is so polite and the schools here are great. I must also point out that the schedule is very accommodating to your personal needs, as you can schedule your studies around your own timeline. The student life is more relaxed than back home, but you still get quality education and a full college experience without unnecessary pressure.” - Costas Hernandez, USA

“ The best part about studying in Thailand for me is how very accessible everything is, we are free to move around and study anywhere be it nearby cafes or restaurants and we enjoy free internet as well, there are also a lot of opportunities and different subjects that we can take in international schools and universities. Thailand welcomes a large number of international students that come here to study bringing unique ideas and different perspectives to the very international student community that the Thai people have come to accept and love.” -Veera Anandsongwit, India.

“ One amazing thing about living in Thailand as a student is in the high standards of education that they have and the plethora of amazing socio-cultural activities that you can participate in. Personally, I really enjoy the splendid array of shopping malls and cafes around the city, noteworthy is that everything is cheap and life here is simple. ” - Yiwei Liu, China

“ Something I’ve really liked about Thailand for tye student life is how everything is much cheaper than other countries so you can go eat around with friends, you can choose to explore and travel around the country with friends and money would not be your biggest concern. Students can also walk into different cafes, libraries, and restaurants around the city and study there. Life is also pretty safe and warm for foreigners, just know where to go and what to do at all times. As a Japanese student, I find that there is a large community of Japanese people and businesses for example areas like Soi 31 have a very large Japanese population that has set up markets to standardize the living of the Japanese people there.” - Takuto Yoshikawa, Japan

“ Studying in an international program provides more opportunities for a more international career or future endeavor. I really like living in Bangkok because I find that there is so much to do and so many places to visit literally every day. Universities in the country also have international partnerships with many US, UK, and Canada institutions and offer dual certificates after students graduate.“ - Sabrina Veldhuisen, Ukraine

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