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Scholarship Opportunities in Thailand

Numerous educational institutions in Thailand are realizing and highlighting the importance of internationalization and projecting the global mind-frame amongst its student communities. So as to support this, a large number of universities in Thailand offer different scholarships basically for foreign students.

Besides the scholarships offered by the university, ınternational students also benefit from a wide range of grants offered by private bodies and establishments towards education and research.

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Getting a scholarship to a good university might not sound easy but it is definitely worth a try, there are several top universities that give plenty of scholarships to international students every year, for full, partial or exchange study programs.

Some scholarships you can apply for include,

ASEAN Scholarship:

This scholarship is fully funded and is provided by the department of communication and arts for students who major in communication. The scholarship opens annually in March or April and students must stay updated through their website. Some important criteria for this scholarship include;

  • Applicants must have English proficiency qualifications such as IELTS/TOEFL
  • Applicants must submit a recommendation letter from academic personnel
  • Foreign students must send documents directly to the university

ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship

This a fully-funded scholarship directly from Thai universities for students from countries in the ASEAN union (excluding Singapore). The scholarship opens every year in March or April, applicants do not need to possess English language qualifications but can apply directly online with their documents and an academic recommendation. The scholarship scheme covers tuition, accommodation, travel and living expenses for the student for the duration of their programs in a Thai university.

SHARE Scholarship:

This scholarship offers international students full study financing across any major in different universities in Thailand. The application process is very straightforward and worth it and students can apply to multiple partner institutions in the country and as many times as they wish. The scholarship scheme similarly covers all academic costs, living costs and transportation all through their stay in Thailand.

Other scholarship options include;

  • The Founders Scholarship
  • Digital Ambassador Scholarship
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid For Minority Students and many more.

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