Jobs for Students in Thailand

Student Jobs in Thailand

For this section, we would like to make clear what students who wish to study in Thailand can do with a Non-immigrant ED visa. Please note that this visa only allows for study alone, it is not a teaching visa and it does not permit working in Thailand in any capacity.

The visa allows international students to learn and study in the country but nothing else, the idea to seek outside employment to finance your studies on your student status is not the safe way following Thai laws.

Reportedly, there are cases of students who get part-time jobs as a means to support their studies but please be aware that this is illegal in Thailand even if doing so is very possible.

We suggest applying for a work permit in order to work in Thailand which is pretty much standard in many countries in the region, any illegal jobs though possible, come with the risk of being arrested and deported.

Work permits allow you to work legally in the country and comes with the benefits of employment, however, some employees request that you already have one prior to applying while others file one for you.

The standard of living in the country is pretty much favorable and inexpensive so you can earn a decent living to be able to support your studies and living expenses.

Areas where many foreigners find employment in Thailand include;

  • Teaching Jobs; These include jobs teaching languages such as English, French or any other foreign language in many private or public schools in the country. The payment is around 250 to 350 Baht ($7 to $10) per hour for an average of 25,000 to 35,000 Baht ($700 to $1000).
  • Fitness/Gym/Athletic Training Jobs; These jobs are available in large cities and tourist areas where there is a high demand for fitness trainers and athletic coaches. This job pays a decent amount of money and allows enough time for studying, students earn between 1,000 to 1,500 Baht ($25 to $45) per hour for private coaching or training.
  • Online/IT Jobs: There is a high demand for IT specialists, programmers, and developers in Thailand and as such many students cash in on this opportunity and make a living while studying. The jobs are not location specific and are very rewarding at the same time with a community of many young individuals.
  • Restaurant/Hotel Jobs: These are some of the highest-paying jobs in the country, Thailand is a tourist hub with millions of visitors every year making hotels and resorts packed with guests all year long. The demand for personnel in the hospitality sector makes it easy for foreign students to find suitable employment while they study in Thailand. The pay is between 35,000 to 75,000 Baht ranging on the level of expertise the individual has and how effective they are on the job, individuals who are multilingual are also a top priority for employers.
  • Professional Skills/Talent Jobs: These jobs are for individuals who have honed in their craft, talents or skills in music, dance, fashion, arts, photography, and sports. These individuals can offer their services in private lessons to many kids and teenagers and get paid for it.

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