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Finding a place to stay is one of the most crucial steps after securing admission to study in Thailand, there are many housing options for students that come with varying price tags in different locations. One important before you arrive in detail is to check that there is an appropriate accommodation arrangement for you. We offer accommodation services to all our students via our housing partners in Thailand.

All the options will be presented to you with the estimated prices that you are most comfortable with and the standards that suit your taste. 

Hotel accommodation is many students’ first choice when they arrive, as hotels are very comfortable and cost-effective in Thailand however, there is no long-term visibility in them especially as a student studying for a full-time degree. So it is advisable that you find long-term hotel accommodation in the city or within your university location. This option is also affordable and comes with many utilities that can make your stay quite fulfilling. The spaces are not constricted and students have a kitchen space where they can prepare their own meals.

In addition to the above mentioned, there are other options for students such as private apartments and flats that are up for rent in different parts of your university location. This option is quite cheaper and very popular among many student communities within the country. The price of renting an apartment in Thailand varies from city to city and changes depending on the type of building or its proximity to the main city area. Houses in the suburbs are considerably less expensive for students than houses within the city, and as such we find many students choosing to reside in suburban areas just to save cost. House owners in Thailand are very welcoming to foreign students and finding a place to stay is mostly not an uphill battle.

Likewise, students can also choose to share a house and split all rental costs and utility costs evenly. This option is common all over the world and not different in Thailand, two or three students combine their funds and pay for a home where all the bills are split equally amongst them. This option is also very inexpensive but we advise that you are careful in your dealings as some form of privacy is lost under this arrangement. Also, some home-owners require a contract to be signed for a 6 month to 12 month period, so have this in mind before you choose this option.

The basic price for accommodation in Thailand is between $150 to $600 which is paid for on a monthly basis and the price changes as you move from city to city with the accommodation type put into consideration. We advise that you inform us of your budget and any other specific details that you have and we will present you premium options that are tailored to your needs.

Likewise, individuals can also choose to reside in any on-campus accommodation that is available in their respective universities. Many universities in Thailand offer student accommodation such as hostels, dormitories or halls of residence solely for its students for a small fee or sometimes even free. This option is suitable for students who consider proximity tıo their university as a major concern when searching for accommodation. Students who also wish to save costs on transportation can reside in any of the university facilities provided.


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