Tanzania High School Application Requirements

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The following are some of the requirements for students who want to study at any secondary school in Tanzania. These however vary depending on the school.

  • standard 7 schools leaving certificate (form 1 entrants)
  • standard 6 third term report (form 1 entrants)
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Copy of the birth certificate
  • A nonrefundable application fee (varies depending on the school)
  • Birth Certificate Copies (certified)
  • Identification Documents for Parents or legal guardian
  • Passport copy (international students)
  • Proof of residence in Tanzania
  • copies of student’s last three terms report cards or recent standardized test scores.
  • Form 4 result slip or certificate ( advanced level applicants)
  • Completed Application Forms
  • Academic records from the previous school attended.
  • Any learning evaluations are done by the previous school (where applicable).
  • Academic references from the current school (transfer students)
  • Medical records including vaccination records
  • One recent color passport photo of each child and parents or legal guardian.
  • Proof of disability (if any).
  • Proof of any scholarship

There may also be some immigration requirements for students to study in Tanzania. These may include:

  • Copy of a valid Tanzanian Residency Permit
  • A Tanzanian study visa
  • Valid passport of the student
  • Valid passport and identification documents of parents or guardian
  • Valid work permit of parents or guardians (if they are employed in Tanzania)

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