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Tanzania has lower food prices and the inflation rate has continued to decline in the past 5 years. This has made Tanzania an affordable environment for international students studying in the country.

There are several shopping malls located in Tanzania especially the city of Dar es Salaam which offers a wide range of shopping options, from food to souvenirs that you might plan to bring home once your stay in the country has come to an end.

When shopping in Tanzania we doubt you might have a challenge getting what you immediately require; however there are some unique places worth a mention for anyone planning to visit or live in Tanzania. We compiled a list of places to visit to get basic needs and gifts for your loved ones back home.

Kariakoo Market

This is the largest market in the whole of Tanzania and is very convenient for getting locally grown fresh produce ranging from fruits and vegetables.

If you are a cooking enthusiast you are guaranteed to get the best spices at the Kariakoo market.

Tanzania is popular throughout the region for its textiles and the market offers of the best range of clothing including the popular Masai clothe.

Locals there are friendly and can be handy in helping you navigate your way around the market it is a safe environment though it can get overwhelming during the weekends when it is crowded.

Masai Market Curios and Craft

The most unique aspect about the market it the ability to bargain for prices as you move around the shopping stalls.

Found in Arusha, the market offers a variety of craft material from beaded jewellery, the Tingatinga paintings to wooden masks.

This shopping experience is a memorable one that you will carry even after you leave the beautiful country of Tanzania.

Shoppers Plaza

This is the ideal spot to shop for necessities when staying in Dar es Salaam. It is consistent in providing groceries under one roof and at affordable prices.

The customer service is also exceptional and has a customer loyalty card program that will see most students save on products every time they shop there. It comes in highly recommended as the place to do your shopping.

Rock City Mall

Located in Mwanza, this all in one shopping centre is one place to get your groceries. It consists of a pharmacy, grocery stores, bank ATMs, a jewellery shop, and cinema amongst other shops you might deem necessary.

Café Mambo offers one of the best food menus close by and is the ideal spot to have a lunch meeting with friends or associates. The Mall has one of the best ice cream places in the city and if you are looking at cooling down on one of those hot days, you might consider visiting it.

"I enjoy shopping and I found it affordable but some of the clothes are definitely not of the highest quality." - Hassan from Turkey

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