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Tanzania is always buzzing with tourists who are on holiday and looking to have a great time. This means that cities and tourist destinations never sleep.

Although locals are not popular for their night activities, the tourists and expatriates who stream in throughout the year ensure that there clubs bars lounges and cafes are usually filled with people looking at having a good time.

With magnificent beaches, do not be amazed if you happen to bump into a beach party started by the backpacking tourists.

Dar es Salaam, Arusha, and Zanzibar are one of the vibrant cities that have the best night time activities with bands and beach dance floors that are not short of African music and dance experience. Whether you are a party animal or a laid back person looking at having a drink to wind down the long hectic day,

Tanzania has everything for everyone. İf you need to let your hair down, here is a list of places we thought you would love to visit on a night out:

The Slow Leopard

Located in Dar es Salaam, this place is for sports fans who would love to watch a game over a few drinks and finger foods with friends in a relaxed environment.

Fig and Olive

Located in Arusha, this bar makes good cocktails and plays jazz music to its revelers. It is a frequent spot for locals

Yun Long

Popular for its majestic views of the waterside view and the garden this is the best spot in Mwanza to drink and relax whilst watching the sunset.

Havoc Nightspot

Usually filled with Dar es Salaam’s young people this place has the energy to keep you up dancing all night long. The name says it all be prepared for a great night filled with dancing whenever you decide to visit.

Club AQ

One of the oldest night clubs in Arusha, the spot boasts of its long service providing quality entertainment to its revelers who are a mixed generation of both the old and the new.

Sunrise Restaurant

Located in Zanzibar, this is a spot for locals to come and enjoy a drink or two whilst watching the television or listening to some soft music. Although it is called a restaurant and meals are sold this place is primarily a bar.


Open from 6 pm to 4 am, this spot doubles up as a restaurant in the afternoon and a nightclub with the most happening places in the city

NB: Please note that students are encouraged to drink responsibly when they go out. Other activities can be done sober-minded. Make the most of your time in Tanzania and use it as wisely as possible.

"A lot of places to go out for a drink" - Petrov from Russia

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