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Because we understand that RocApply is a global space we would present the top seven higher institutions in Sweden for international students in terms of tuition and the general student experience.


Established in 1666, this university is one of the oldest universities in the country, Lund University is one of the top-ranking universities in the world with research being its focal point. The school houses two of the topmost research faculty and facilities in the world today. With a very diverse international student body, over 71 countries are represented at Lund.


Situated in the heart of the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm University has become a powerhouse of some of the greatest minds in the country and the envy of many institutions on the continent. This global university is very friendly towards foreign students who in turn become ambassadors of the school’s standards. Specialized in all the science-related fields, STU also offers a broad spectrum of programs on the undergraduate and more notably, graduate levels.


The leading specialized university that has a focus on technology and engineering, this university employs a very international faculty. It has become Sweden’s biggest and most recognized technically inclined university. Their acceptance rate is very favorable towards foreign students and students who demonstrate excellent capabilities are offered scholarships to continue their studies up to doctorate levels. KTH offers employment to almost all its graduate students in the school alongside their program.


The most consistent university in Sweden, Uppsala University has continuously been rated as one of the best universities not only in the country but in the whole of Europe. Holding the title of the oldest university in Sweden, the school still maintains its top-notch quality of education. The school prides itself on its historical value and traditions that have remained throughout the years.


Dubbed the ‘Nobel University’, the university is world-famous for its remarkable standards in relatively all the field of programs offered, mostly in science and medicine. They also significantly choose a Nobel prize winner in medicine and physiology yearly. The school's most notable alumni have made earned them a worldwide reputation of game-changers in the field of medicine.


Housing over 36,000 students and 7,000 faculty members from different parts of the world, and over 70 programs all taken in English and Sweden interchangeably, and over 100 courses available under fields in science, arts, social sciences, business, information technology, education, health, music, fine arts, design, engineering, Medical care etc it is no wonder UG is a very popular choice for Swedes and foreigners alike.


Selecting one of the finest alternatives to study in Sweden comes with a lot of perks. Like affordable tuition, scholarship opportunities, convenient education, non-conventional patterns and a highly revered range of courses best suited to accentuate your best qualities and many many others. LiU has the most number of courses and majors than any other university in Sweden. With four campuses located in Linköping, Norrkoping, and Stockholm.

Other universities in Sweden are also very open to students from other countries and have good acceptance rate for foreign students both EU/EEA and other countries include;





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