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Sweden Universities for international Students

Because we understand that RocApply is a global space we would present the top seven higher institutions in Sweden for international students in terms of tuition and the general student experience.

Selecting one of the finest alternatives to study in Sweden comes with a lot of perks. Like affordable tuition, scholarship opportunities, convenient education, non-conventional patterns and a highly revered range of courses best suited to accentuate your best qualities and many many others.

LiU has the most number of courses and majors than any other university in Sweden. With four campuses located in Linköping, Norrkoping, and Stockholm.

Other universities in Sweden are also very open to students from other countries and have good acceptance rate for foreign students both EU/EEA.

Other universities include but are not limited to Kristianstad University College, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Halmstad University, Dalarna University College, University College West, Stockholm University of the Arts, Royal Institute of Art University, College of Arts, Crafts, and Design, Gävle University College, Malardalen University College, University of Boras University, of Skovde, Sodertorn University and Swedish National Defence College, Chalmers University of Technology, Stockholm School of Economics and Jonkoping University